Asa yawned as she made her way downstairs. She was the first up and out of bed again, mostly due to suffocation, but now was silent as she moved. Not only was this to make sure her friends didn’t wake up, but also to hide her presence from Dave. She hadn’t looked around the house yet after all, and she was ready to find out whatever she could about their new landlord.


She hit the landing at the bottom of the stairs without any sort of noise despite the tile that she found herself on. It was a little odd of a choice, as the rest of the house was carpeted, though she supposed it might have been due to this also being right in front of the door, so people could take their shoes off here if they needed to. She’d left hers upstairs though and now wore white socks to disguise her movements.


Swift as shadows she darted into the dining room, her eyes scanning what she could. The bookshelf had no standouts immediately. The headboard at the back of the room caught her attention more, as it was littered with small cards, pictures, and even a possible award or two. Not that she expected them to be of much importance. He was just some boring construction worker after all.


No, while she could get info on him in here, this had also been the one room she’d gotten the best look at before being ushered upstairs before, making it the least important.


Moving past it, she froze as Dave stood in the entryway of the kitchen, eating what looked like a grilled cheese as he leaned against his refrigerator. She hadn’t expected another room to be directly past the dining room, and now paid for the mistake. At least, until he said, “The third step from the top creaks, miss ninja.”


Now she only could feel embarrassed as she straightened herself and crossed her arms. “I-I knew that. I just, um, like to walk like that.”


Dave smiled a little at the lie, before looking behind him. “The pan is still hot, if you’d like a grilled cheese too. I can even make you some chili if you’d like, though I’ll need to use a new pot if I do. I have the other one soaking, because if you don’t-“


“Then the sauce begins to harden and it becomes a much greater hassle to clean later.” Asa smiled smugly as she turned towards Dave, only to find him still holding that same stupid smile as before. “I’m not an idiot. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to see the real ones so easily.”


Dave took another bite of his sandwich, deciding that that would be easier to do than biting his tongue. Instead, he decided a more… tactful approach. “Well, I’m sorry then. I just didn’t take you much for a homebody, so I wanted to be safe than sorry.”


Asa turned away from him, not liking being under that homely gaze for so long. It brought up too many questions that she still wasn’t getting answers for. “Well, there’s a lot you don’t know about me, and plenty you probably never will.”


Dave put his sandwich down with a small sigh before clapping the crumbs from his hands. “I could say the same about myself, at least if you aren’t willing to start asking me some questions. You can even keep up your tough girl act for your friends if you ask them now, so,” he said as he spread his arms out, “what do you want to know?”


Asa was silent for a few moments, before she began walking down the hallway that was in front of the kitchen, and that she assumed led back to the living room. “What channel is the Discovery channel?”


Dave just let out a slow breath of air at the response, knowing he should have seen this coming despite her age. “Thirty-two.” He then went back to his sandwich, though chewing a little slower than he had before now.

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