Sleeping In

Dave hummed to himself as he walked into the house, slapping his hands together to get rid of any loose dust on them. It had been a good trip to Home Depot, and in the bag in his hands were the small things he would need to add locks to the guest rooms. In his garage were the things that made the trip take so long, and what made him itching to get lunch over with.


Of course, he now had three girls with probably empty stomachs, so he would need to make sure they hadn’t raided his pantry yet. Otherwise, he might have to go old school Convent rules on them. Then again, that was thinking that any of them other than Kell could lift an ax.


That did raise the question for where they had gone. He had taken a pretty big risk bringing them in here. They could have robbed him blind, been ready with weapons when he got back, but instead his house was fine. Even normal he would say.


That didn’t mean he didn’t need to still check on them though, and he made his way slowly upstairs to see if they were in their rooms perhaps. After all, they were young adults, and getting up as early as they did wasn’t normal for them. He would almost bet on it.


He would just need to gently wake them…


He blinked for a moment as he stared at the crowded bed in Asa and Sarah’s room. Kell’s breasts were smothering Asa’s head, who looked like she could barely breath while she slept. Asa on the other hand, caused him to think the brat had undressed as he could see her bra wrap now with how the blanket had slipped down. And Sarah, who had moved in her sleep, was not at face level with the other two, but instead had a foot hanging out of the top of the blanket.


He simply… stared for a few moments, before turning around and closing the door. They were college age after all, so he couldn’t judge them for experimenting too much while they were alone.


Besides, he had plenty to process without any of… that. Including what he wanted for lunch.

Did you think that was the only piece? No! Demon Chester graced us with a full sized Kell as well, instead of just chibi, so I hope you enjoy her like this too!


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