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This is the story of Dave, a sixty something, retired construction worker, doomed to live a simple, calm life. At least, until a lab experiment showed up on his doorstep, and introduced him to the demoness and asshole that she called friend. Now Kell, Sarah, and Asa are trying to start their lives over while living with the older man, and ask the eternal question: Why doesn’t he want to bang any of us?

Dave Ogson: Somewhere in his sixties, strong man, ex-construction working, supposed to be retired, only to quickly find out the world is much stranger than even he though it was.

Appearance: Big, burly, broken nose, rough, short black hair and a scruffy beard. He mostly wears t-shirts now, though used to wear traditional construction clothes no matter what. He always wears blue jeans though, and has green eyes.

Kell: Out of touch, no boundaries, blunt, cute, caring, loyal, eats people? lab experiment

Appearance: Loose white shirt, thin tail with a dagger tip, changing breast size, booty shorts worn too low because of the tail, constantly changing hair, shark teeth, one purple eye, one blue eye, and sharp nails like claws. Her tail is kept in her shorts, coiled around her leg. Very pale/Snow white skin.

Sarah: Sweet little devil girl with mostly poor magic, has a heart of gold, is a little battered by the world, always willing to help.

Appearance: Long, straight blond hair, giant breasts, yellow eyes, and wears all sorts of dresses usually and has red skin. Gains black tattoos when she casts magic or gets angry, but it’s very hard to cause her to do either. Has green eyes.

Asa: Normal girl, foul mouthed, angry, and usually insulting and mistrusting of others. Also exceptionally lazy.

Appearance: Neat black hair that’s kept in a bun, normally wears button up black shirts/jackets and black stockings, both with yellow trim to make her seem less emo. Has brown eyes and modest/small breasts.

The Author: I’m just some twenty something wannabe author that’s just trying to stay sane and practice his craft.