Pizza 1

“Well, I mean, pepperoni is almost always good.”


“Yeah, but it’s so strong, and it might drown out the peppers.”


“I already said no to peppers. I think they’re wastes of space anyways.”


“Asa! You know how much I like the crisp they add though!”


“You don’t get pizza for ‘crisp’! Who does that? Who would ever do that?”


Dave raised an eyebrow at the two girls who were sitting on his couch as he came back in from the garage. While he could claim to have many questions, most of them were irrelevant. They were talking about pizza, so now all that mattered was pizza. Otherwise you risked a real fright breaking out when someone suggests grabbing Taco Bell to go or something for lunch.


Then again, that might just be a construction thing.


He waved the worry away before leaning against the hallway wall, as he had come in from the back/kitchen, and Asa and Sarah were on the couch in the living room. “So, why are you two getting pizza?”


Sarah chirped up, “Three, and it’s because customarily, when one moves, they get pizza and share it with their friends. We just need to decide on a type of pizza, especially while using our limited funds.”


Asa then piped up with, “Which means probably a large, three topping pizza, with no peppers!”


“But Asa!”


Dave smirked a little as the two began bickering again. “Shouldn’t you ask Kell what she wants if she’s getting the pizza too?”


Asa spoke first with, “She didn’t earn any of the money, and besides, it’s pretty easy to know that Kell wants meat. The fact that she likes bread surprises me with the shark’s maw she can possess at times.”


Sarah smiled a little at the memories of her friend surprising her with some of her modifications, before adding, “Besides, decision making like this and debates makes Kell’s head hurt, so we didn’t want to inconvenience her.”


“Okay… but then why does Asa get a voice in this when, from what I’ve heard, Sarah is the only one of you three whose worked?”


Asa opened her mouth before clamping it shut and glaring daggers at Dave. Sarah instead just took this as her trump card and shouted out, “So we’re getting peppers!”


“God damnit.”


Dave shook his head, before walking towards a desk that was in the corner of the room. It was an oddity amongst the rest of the downstairs. Not because a desk didn’t belong, especially a fine crafted, wooden one like this, but because it had a desktop computer on top of it. One Asa had already looked at and cringed because of when she saw it had all of two gigs of RAM.


Now though, Dave got onto it and began to search for something while also pulling out a pen and paper. “Why don’t you two just both tell me what sort of pizza you’d like, and I can get us all three mediums or something, especially since you’re gonna need my van anyways. That is, unless you planned to bring everything back on foot.”


Both of the girls stopped for a moment, before Sarah began with, “Wow, that would be wonderful. Thank-”


“So what do you want in return?”


“Asa! This man has been kind enough to welcome us into his home. You should not so quickly think that-”


“No, she’s right.” Dave smirked at them. “If she really wants to pay me back, then I think  have something in the garage that she can wear while we take care of all of this.”


Asa paled for a moment, before gritting her teeth. “Bring it, old man.”

A two parter about pizza? Yep, because pizza. Also, I’m that boring guy whose go to is just pepperoni.


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