What Could Go Wrong

“I’m home!” Kell stood in the doorway, now in a tight, black t-shirt with some suspiciously darker areas on it. Her white t-shirt was gripped in one hand, a giant bag of Mcdonalds in the other. And, in her sight, the rushing figure of Asa as she ran down the steps.


Asa tackled Kell, hugging her tight, before screaming, “Where the hell have you been?”


Kell smiled wide at her, before stating, “At work, and then getting fired… and fired at I guess.”


Asa blinked a few times before looking Kell up and down, and then rubbing her temples as she walked towards the living room. “Sit, now. You need to explain while I text Sarah and Dave that you’re alright.”


Kell rolled her eyes as she followed her friend, a bounce in her step as she got ready for her exciting tale, though first she had to state: “You all really need to learn that Kell can take care of Kell.”




“Alright, the lunch rush is over, so we should have some time to train you on the register. Just stand here, and I’ll watch over you while you work, giving you all the tools you need to serve the customer. I, uh, just hope that the shirt isn’t too tight.”


Kell shook her head, swaying back and forth as the tight shirt tried not to tear itself open at her chest. It didn’t help that she’d been told to tuck it in, and only she or a bodybuilder was likely to be able untuck it now. Still, she was just happy that she was going to get to try this work thing out, and that she had a reason to keep her large pillows when otherwise they might have made Asa mad.


So, there she stood, looking like a woman made of snow with her glistening, almost white hair, her bright skin under the flourescent lights, and she gave the next man that walked in the biggest smile. In fact, if it weren’t for the lessons by both Asa and Sarah, she might have flashed him to get rid of that nervous look on his face. That was an old part of her training though, and she pushed it back as she chimed out, “Welcome to Mcdonalds! What can Kell get you?”


The man shifted his messy coat, showing off a small handgun that was at his side, and the poor boy next to Kell yelped at the sight of it. Kell blinked, wondering if he was from Texas with what media had told her, before he said, “Give me everything in the register, and no one gets hurt.”


Kell blinked a few times, taking in the request, before simply stating, “No.”


Both of the men were confused by this, and the boy who was supposed to be training Kell hissed, ‘Kell, do as he says. He has a gun!”


“No. This is not his money, and Kell will fight to keep it to the company.”


The man paused for a few moments, not seeming to know what to do, before he pulled out the gun, raised it to her face and yelled, “Give me the fucking mo-”




“Oh my god, he shot you!”


Kell nodded while rubbing her forehead where the bullet smacked her. “Yeah, but my creators made sure I could take C-4 exploding on my chest, so it just stung more than anything. What didn’t just sting was Kell teaching him a lesson about trying to steal. Well, and shooting people, but mostly the first one.”


Asa blinked a few times, before Asa sighed. “Please just tell me you didn’t kill him.”


“Oh, no! In fact, before Kell could even come close to such a feat, the store owner came in. He seemed awfully angry with me not having been hired but working the cashier, before he found out I’d been shot. He became really polite then, letting me keep this shirt, take home some food, and even gave me a little bit of money if I didn’t tell any… Whoops.”


Asa shook her head, not entirely able to believe what she was hearing until one aspect hit her. And then the fact that she was the only one here, and the only one that needed to know about the fact that Kell had gotten bribed. “Kell, how much money?”


Kell reached into the bag, before pulling out a crisp, surprisingly clean check, for one thousand dollars. Asa’s eyes lit up at the sight of it, but she stopped from just grabbing it. It’d be so easy to trick Kell into giving it to her, but after everything with Sarah over the past few months…


“Kell, I don’t want to say yet why, but can I please take that? I promise that it’s to help me get work, but… I don’t know if Sarah, and especially not Dave, would like what I’m going to do with it, so… Please, can we keep this a secret between us? I promise it’s actually to help everyone. I swear.”


Kell paused for a moment, before grabbing Asa’s face and forcing them to make eye contact. She stared into her friend’s eyes for a good, long while, before nodding to herself and handing over the check. “Okay, I believe you, but I want to be paid back someday, okay?”


Asa breathed out a sigh of relief. “I… I promise I will, and… thank-”


“I also want to be allowed to hug you as often as I want to.”


Asa let out a strangled gasp, before hanging her head. It would mean crushed ribs for the rest of her life, but right this moment, the money was worth it, and she didn’t get out more than “O-” before Kell tackled her to the ground for cuddles, smothering Asa with her chest as Asa fumed underneath the massive weights.




“You did your job well, peon, so I shall forgive you for the fact that you tried allowing Sarah’s familiar to work at such a lowly place like Mcdonalds. She deserves better, and you should have known it. Now, before I judge your need for a reward, tell me what happened.”


“W-well, the agent you sent, h-he had a gun,”


“As I told him to bring,”


“And he shot Kell.”


Ingrid was silent for a moment in the coffee house backroom, candlelight flickering on her face as she looked down on the boy from a throne of boxes. She then waved it away. “He deserves the jailtime he will receive than for attempting to harm one so close to Sarah. Continue.”


“As you planned, the owner came in, and wasn’t going to pay to keep the familiar quiet until he found out about the shooting, and while I was fired, the familiar was given food, clothing, and money to keep her from telling others about this.”


Ingrid nodded, before reaching into her shirt. From it, she pulled out a card with a dark, brown ring on otherwise black paper. “You did well, and in return of your sacrifice, you may have free coffee for a year, paid by your devotion to Sarah.”


“Thank, you my lady. I shall go now to leave you to your preparations.”


“Yes, go…” Ingrid watched as he left, sighing to herself as she lamented about how long it had been since she’d even seen Kell, let alone Sarah, but hopefully her machinations would soon resolve all of that.


Oh how she hoped they would.

And this time, I have an announcement to make! I’ll be doing a crossover set of posts during the weekends based on an art meme going around that takes eight OCs and puts them into wacky situations. The eight shall be:

  1. Dave
  2. Kell
  3. Asa
  4. Sarah
  5. Alice (from Inspiration I.D.)
  6. Charles (From Sarafune Monster Preserve)
  7. Dari (From Sarafune Monster Preserve)
  8. Kiren (From Sarafune Monster Preserve)

And I will be trying to introduce each character properly, so don’t be worried about not knowing them too well, though if you are worried about that, you can find my books through the Amazon link under Follow MDHWrites at the top of the page. Anyways, that starts tomorrow, and I hope you all enjoy it!

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