Dave blinked a few times as he heard the all too familiar sound from the top of the stairs and wiped a hand over his face as he sighed. He knew that it was all too possible, and that whoever was doing it had done a good job of hiding it so far, but it was still a little disappointing. He always hated having to have talks about this. However, he wouldn’t just ignore it now.


So, he stepped down, glancing down and seeing the all too familiar, black hair sitting on his couch. Asa, of course. Who else would it be? Though, he supposed Kell could be convinced to  take up some sort of smoking if she was told it would make her tougher. He really needed to find a moment to give that girl a good talking to about that obsession with strength she had. That could wait though.


As he came down to the bottom of the steps though, his feet hitting the tile in front of the front door hard, he could see Asa jump, the stick in her mouth popping out of her mouth. She barely caught it before it hit the couch, but he had seen it and the telltale, brown end that had been in her mouth.


A cigarette. Of course it was a cigarette. Dave’s nemesis. Yep, there was no ignoring it now. “So, what shampoo do you use to mask the smell on you?”


Asa glanced at the cigarette in her hand before shrugging for a moment, keeping her mouth shut as she tried to make herself small on the couch. That was more than enough to get Dave to continue though as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “Look, we all have our little pleasures. I drink to take the edge off, Kell eats, Sarah probably kisses puppies or something, and so I’m not going to stop you from having your own. However, if you really wanna smoke, why not take up pot or something? At least then someone just needs to keep an eye on you, and your whole body won’t be destroyed by it.”


He didn’t even wait for Asa to respond, not that she could as she began looking around herself for something. “However, if you really must smoke, please at least use an ashtray or something, and do it in the backyard where the smell will go away, and you won’t hurt anyone else, okay? It’s similar to the rules I forced on my workers, so I would think my tenants would be okay with it too, got it?”


Asa nodded quickly before Dave went out the front door, having a breakfast appointment with a friend to get to. However, once he was out, Asa, who was on the brink of crying, let out a long gasp, her lungs burning from the smoke she’d been holding in. “How does anyone like these!?”


Sarah sat up from behind the couch, having been hiding there when her magic told her that Dave was coming. “Well, everytime I’ve seen other demons smoking, they make cool tricks out of the smoke and such, so maybe that’s a part of it?”


Asa coughed as she tried to clear her throat. She knew one wasn’t supposed to swallow the smoke, and normally wouldn’t have if Dave hadn’t come down as she took a puff, but now she stared at the little firestick in her hand. “Yeah, but this shit burned from the first second I sucked in.”


Sarah shrugged, before crossing her arms over the side of the couch. “Yeah, but apparantly we could try human weed next. Demonic weed is just a garnish on food in Hell, so I’m wondering what human weed would do.”


Asa shook her head as she cleared her eyes. “And risk Kell getting high? No thank you. I’m already afraid of what would happen if she drank some of Dave’s beer. No, I wanted to give this a shot, but if it’s like this, than fuck that noise. I just need to explain to Dave that this was my first, and last, cigarette later. Now come on. I want you to waterboard me to get rid of the taste.”


Sarah blinked a few times before raising a hand and then shaking off the question. Of course she didn’t mean it literally.


However, Sarah’s apparent eagerness to torture their friend meant that the cigarettes had been left on the table, and Kell, who had slept under it, to give it a try, now tilted her head at the little box. Asa said the smoke didn’t taste good, but they looked like sugar sticks to her, so maybe…


The second after Kell ate the cigarette, her eyes became crossbones, and she fell over, twitching from how bad the sugar had gone in the oddly papery and earthy stick.

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