To The Gym!

Kell stepped into paradise that day. Sure, there weren’t any pearly gates or anything like that, but that wasn’t her vision of such things anyways. In fact, she never got what was so bad about hell whenever Sarah tried to explain what her home was. This though… This started making her think that she knew what Heaven must be like, and what Hell must be missing.


Her head was on a swivel, turning every which way as Dave led them in, her mouth staying agape as she looked at the thick, sweaty… machines. She didn’t even know why she stopped herself, but she looked at the equipment instead of the people for a moment. Why would she care about stupid exercise equipment though when there were so many beautiful men to stare at.


One of them even came away from a bench with an iron bar on it, along with a kid with bright, orange hair who had been standing behind him. They both looked so happy as they came closer to her. As the older man with blonde muttonchops came closer in an almost transparent, white shirt.


George grinned at them all as he got closer, wiping his face with a towel he had on him, before throwing it back at Brandon, shouting to him, “Clean up the bar,” before looking at Kell and grinning, “Looks like he still has you, doesn’t he?”


Kell gave a small giggle as funny things formed in her from that broad smile. Instead of jumping at him though, trying to be playful or anything like that, she merely stepped back, twirling one of the strands of her slowly pinkening hair. She didn’t even notice her chest beginning to expand as she looked to Dave, and swallowing hard as the old men shook hands.


“So, did you talk to Nick for me?”


George nodded as Brandon got back to him, and then froze as he noticed Kell’s eyes staying on him, causing him to look away and then swallow hard as he saw his two other neighbors standing there. Standing like the beauties they’d always been, and the boy gave them a nervous wave.


Kell waved back a little, working mostly on auto-pilot at the moment, while Asa didn’t even bother acknowledging it. Sarah was more focused on Dave and George’s conversation, having been curious about the topic they were discussing anyways.


A discussion Kell didn’t hear a word of as her eyes started wandering again. She was too focused on the view of the place in their, her breathing getting faster and faster as something grew in her. As her tongue came out to lick her lips.


As a hunger grew in her.


*crack* “Ah!”


Asa turned Kell around as the girl began looking around herself, snapping out of her trance, before Asa pointed towards the locker rooms. “Come on. Dave apparently got the owner to look the other way for us so we can start working out, so we need to get changed. Yippee.”


Kell blinked a few times, having been told why they would need changes of clothes already, but her brain was working through a fog, especially since she didn’t know why they would need to be ignored. She certainly didn’t want to be ignored. Not here…


“Come on, slowpoke.”


Kell jumped again, noticing that Asa and Sarah were already well on their way to the lockers, and began running to catch up.


Meanwhile, Dave and George glanced at each other, both raising an eyebrow at the other while Brandon, having recovered himself, asked, “Were her boobs growing, or was that just my imagination?”


Both of the older men said together, “Five laps, Brandon.”


To which, their young apprentice merely groaned before he ran for the track that was upstairs.

Sorry that posts have gotten so sporadic, and unfortunately they’re not likely to get better. I’m down to about three posts left that are in order, and life is still fairly chaotic for me with everything I need to get done on a day to day, and week to week, basis, so it has been hard to get to being able to work on this.


HOWEVER! I made a resolution at the start of this year to try to get at least one post out a week for this, and while I was okay with skipping a week for my computer dying, making me incapable of posting, I am not for this, so I will continue to update at least on Wednesdays until I have a bit of breathing room again, and expect the last two weekend posts this weekend.

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