Asa groaned as she found a small part of the gym that was marked as the infirmary. In reality, it was just where things like bandages were kept for members apparently, and with the burn she had on her thigh and arm, she would really like something to get the air to stop aggravating them. She even bet she’d have to deal with them for at least like, the next week.


She knew coming to the gym had been a bad idea.


A little voice in her head, that was annoyingly similar to Sarah’s, chimed in, “If you’re this weak, than you need to work out more than anyone else. It’s your fault for not telling Brandon that you couldn’t even handle something as simple as a brisk jog.”


Asa glared at… Nothing. There was never anything to glare at when she was alone like this. Just the voices in her head that she kept telling to fuck off. She was her own woman after all, and she could do whatever she wanted. It’s not like it would hurt he- “Ow.”


She sighed looking at her leg before looking around the small room she was in. Not that she knew how to properly use any of the crap. Best she could use was a band aid, but her burn was a bit large for that, and she didn’t want to even consider how that would feel being peeled off.


And then a large, heavyset woman walked into the room with her. She had short, black hair, thick rimmed glasses, and a full, puke green tracksuit on. It was… Well, Asa was used to telling anyone that they were beautiful just as they were before gagging internally. If she said it to this woman, she’d probably throw up mid sentence.


What made it worse was that because of the cramped room, she had to back away from her. This was just her luck, wasn’t it? She should have just been back at home, relaxing, waiting for her last package instead of being in pain and somewhere she didn’t want to be. Then that stupid voice reminded her of how little she’d had to do then enjoy her games since she came to Dave’s, and she hissed out, “Shut the fuck up.”


The woman looked back at Asa, before saying, “I didn’t say anything, Asa.”


“I wasn’t…” Asa blinked for a moment before looking up as the heavyset woman knelt in front of her. She was holding a few bandages in her hand, and was pausing just like Asa, who now tilted her head before asking, “Sarah?”


The heavier set woman blinked a few times before looking down at herself, and Asa watched as the pounds literally melted off of her. The black hair grew out to be long and blonde, and the skin sizzled and popped as it went from deeply pale to almost blood red. All trademarks of her friend, with an added, odd touch for her, which were swirling, black lines along her body that were shifting and sliding along her. With each trait of her disguise she lost though, more and more of the lines disappeared.


Asa blinked a few times, before opening her mouth. Sarah though, for one of the few times she’d ever known the woman, cut her off to babble out, “Hey, you haven’t seen me actively cast, have you? It’s really cool, right? I mean, usually I just get rose tattoos and the like, but I like the wind it makes, don’t you?”


Asa blinked a few times before narrowing her eyes and leaning in closer to Sarah, who was just trying to keep up her stupid smile. “Alright, spill it. Why were you hiding yourself?”


Sarah swallowed hard as her smile faded for a moment, and she looked away as she said, “Well, um, you know, I felt like trying out some of my illusion magic, and since we’re here to train and what no-”


“You hate using your magic. Especially anything but your empathic shit.”


“Y-yeah, b-b-but I mean, I need to, you know, uh-”


Sarah was saved from having to say more by the door slamming open by a panting Kell. Sarah and Asa blinked at their third friend for a moment, before both shouting, “Sto-” as Kell leapt at them.


Dave, George, and Brandon glanced at each other, and it was actually the boy who spoke first as he asked, “So, they seem like fun.”


Both of the older men watched as Asa tried to claw her way out of the room, screaming at Kell to be careful about her burns, while Kell just kept talking about how happy she was okay, and Sarah jumped over them while she still had the chance, only to watch Kell pounce on her next like a cat going after multiple mice. They were silent for another moment, before only Dave said, “Yeah, yeah they are.”


George stayed silent for another moment before turning away, “I just hope you all don’t destroy this place next time you come by.

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