The Door

“I’m just saying, it wouldn’t be that hard to lockpick it or something.”


“No, I doubt it would. My sister would probably rank it as a soft two even. However, that doesn’t make it right.”


“We aren’t doing this to be right, we’re doing this to learn.”


“How to lockpick?”

“About Dave you idiot!”


Kell glanced up from where she was on the stairs. She’d been laying there for a few minutes, watching her friends talk to each other as they stood in front of the door to Dave’s room. She doubted they had noticed her, so she was just continued listening in on them. However, it was beginning to bore her, and a bored Kell is a dangerous Kell.


Asa though, oblivious to what watched them, turned to Sarah, her hands on her hips. “I bet your magic could even get us in there faster than my hands. You could even cast invisibility on us to make sure that we couldn’t be caught snooping around.”


Sarah put a hand on her forehead, shutting her eyes as she looked down. “Except snooping is wrong, and not going in that room is one of the few rules he gave us for living here. If we break that, we have no reason to stay.”


“Survival is a pretty good reason.”


“It’s also a good reason to not do it.”


Asa rolled her eyes, before looking back at the lock. She’d never lock picked anything before, but the movies made it look so simple. She just would need enough time while Dave was gone, and even now she didn’t know how long he’d be gone for groceries. That was the whole reason she had recruited Sarah in her efforts in the first place.


She rubbed her chin, considering her possibilities, before figuring out a reluctant option. “How many applications do you want to see me fill out to make you do this?”


“You shouldn’t need to be bribed to get a job!”


“Technically, you’re always bribed to get a job with, you know, money.”


Sarah sighed in exasperation, before turning around. “I’m not going to keep talking about this. Not when we need to find jobs, not invade Dave’s privacy.”


Asa stepped forward, shouting, “Oh come o-Ah!”


Sarah’s eyes widened as she felt Asa tackle her in the back, having been pushed by Kell who tackled her, causing them both to crash down in front of the bathroom while Kell jumped up from the tangled mess of limbs that they had become. “Yes! Trap success!”


Both of the girls looked at the smiling woman who stood over them, before Sarah smiled, and Asa jumped at Kell, trying to tackled her down while she could get her feet untangled from being tied together.

And by my eternal friend Demon Chester: A picture of Asa as the pizza princess she is.


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