The Beginning of The End (Of a Peaceful Retirement) Pt. 5

Kell looked over at Sarah and frowned. “You’re dressed oddly today. What happened?”


Sarah blushed a little bit as she checked her outfit. She knew it wasn’t quite appropriate, not for a restaurant like the one they were in, but it was comfortable at least? She then sighed as she shook her head. “Asa realized you had actually left after talking to her, and thought you may have come here to get the food you wanted. She didn’t even give me time to get dressed.”


Kell chuckled a little as she took the last bite of her sandwich, before frowning a little. “Sarah, can you explain why Asa has been so mean lately? I only went out because I’m tired of hearing that we’re always broken. It’s not like I’ve crushed any of you recently.”


Sarah shook her head. “It’s not that we’re broken, it’s that we’re broke. At the rate we’re going, if none of us can find jobs, we probably won’t be able to afford rent this month and get kicked out of the apartment. She’s just worried, like me, that if that happens we might all need to go home.”


Kel’s hair jumped up, changing from straight down her back and blonde to a bright, neon red and spiky. “But Kell no want to go back to laboratory! And Sarah, how will I ever see you in hell?”


Sarah sighed as she placed a hand on Kell’s shoulder. “Don’t… Don’t worry. I won’t let you have to go home, and… well, I might have a plan. Just, how big is Mr. Muscle’s house?”


Kell titled her head as her hair began to return to how it was before. “Two stories, maybe four bedrooms, why?”


“Yes, why indeed?”


Sarah and Kell jumped slightly as Dave’s gruff voice caught them by surprise. However, Sarah recovered quickly and took the tray out of his hand and extended her other towards him, using the tray to hide a set of jagged, black lines that appeared on her forearm. “Oh, I’m not sure if I properly introduced myself, so let me do so-”


Asa pushed Sarah’s hand down and shook her head. “I already had to explain the basics to him because I fucked up. Sorry.”


Sarah swallowed hard as she broke out into a cold sweat now. “That… That doesn’t mean I can’t offer him a friendly handshake.”


Dave put a hand on her free soldier and shook his head. “Sit down. All of you.”


Kell shrunk back in her seat as Dave went to take his own seat, before taking out a pen and a piece of paper from his pocket. The three girls looked at each other, fidgeting as a whole. Only Asa knew just how much Dave knew about them, how he knew about Kell being a lab experiment, Sarah was a demon, and she was just a drop out.


She was also the only one who knew that this man was retired, instead of the hopeful, working man that Sarah had been hoping for.


It was during this silence that Dave wrote, and the girls tried to figure out something to say or do. They had screwed up in the past, but never in such a public place, or with someone who looked like they could actually fight off Kell, or be smart enough not to touch a demon.


It all came down to Kell though, as she was the one that Dave talked to when he asked, “Kell, can you tell me what your friends are like?”


Kell blinked for a few moments, before smiling. “Well, Asa is a rude, meany head who usually doesn’t want to do her share of the chores, but is the one that shows me all the fun things I can do in my free time. Sarah on the other hand is a bit of a prude with the no fighting or stealing stuff, but she was willing to work as one of those exotic dancers for us, at least until a man grabbed her booty. No one does that without her permission!”


Dave glanced at Sarah, who swallowed hard. “I-It was an accident, I promise. I just… reacted.”


Asa swallowed hard as his eyes went to her, before the old man just let out a sigh.


And then a smile.


“Well, I’m heading to my car then, as I’m pretty sure I have nothing else to do here. I hope you all find what you need, but unless I need to do something about you three, I don’t see why we would want to continue talking. After all, I bet you all would rather I forgot about you all, wouldn’t you?”


None of them said anything as Dave began to grab his food and got ready to leave. However, by looking down, Kell saw a piece of paper and pen in front of her, and tilted her head before she grabbed the pen.


“Mr. Dave, is this yours?”


Dave raised an eyebrow as he took the list from her. It was his To-Do list, though now with the words “Need To” added before it. And, in his own handwriting, there was, “Buy locks for the two spare bedrooms in the house.”


And on number five, scrawled in, was “Bring Kell and her friends home with you to live and be happy with, please.”


Dave looked down at her and simply said, “Well, I guess I need to now,” before he was tackled to the ground by the odd girl who couldn’t stop smiling.

And thus we come to a close on this opening arc. I really hoped you enjoyed it, and for all of those worried about whether or not it’ll be slowing down now, don’t worry. At the time of this getting prepared on Sunday, I have written 26 more posts! That’s 2 MONTHS of backlog that I still need to post, and I feel like I haven’t even begun losing material. Only gaining more as I write, and more desire to flesh this out further and further.


Now, before I sign off, I would like to let you know that there are ways to both support and interact with this. First, because no one wants to hear me beg for money first, is how you can interact with me! I have made my own Discord server with different chat rooms for gaming, general chat, letting out your emotions, and even telling me what ideas you have for the characters! It can all be found in this long link. And now for small links to my Patreon and donation box, but please understand that they are both very important actually, as every little bit helps me.

But, no matter what, I shall see you in the next post for a very long time.

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