The Beginning of The End (Of a Peaceful Retirement) Pt. 4

Asa looked up at Dave, who was busy pulling out a couple dollars from his wallet and beginning to count it out. Her first reaction was to run. He looked like someone who could snap her in half after all, but then again, so could Kell. At least she knew Kell wasn’t trying to fuck her though… most of the time.


This person though? They had taken Kell to Mcdonalds, caused her to expand her chest to Sarah levels of mass, and now was buying all three of them breakfast. Even worse, he had to be ancient, like eighty or something, so he had wisdom on his side. That would make him tricky, persuasive, and tactful to a distressing am-


“I didn’t touch Kell by the way, even if I did think she was some whore sent by my friends at first.”


If Asa had had coffee, she would have spat it out, but instead she pulled on the cuffs of her jacket as she tried to figure out why this idiot would just tackle it like this. Unfortunately for Asa, who was used to sleazeballs, jerks, and all around assholes who normally just wanted something from her, she now dealt with a foreman.


“I’m doing this to be nice, and because it sounds like you all hit hard times recently. Probably why Kell would bother going to a stranger in the first place. Honestly though, I don’t care. I’m just not going to have someone glaring at me while I try to have a nice, calm breakfast and get to know you all, so I wanted to get this out of the way while we’re stuck in line. So, you can either start talking to me, or head home.”


Asa bit into her lip as her anger boiled underneath her skin. She didn’t need him, his words, or his kindness. She was a strong, independant woman who needed no-




Dave glanced down at the bent over Asa who was clutching her stomach and smiled. “And while you’re at it, what do you want?”


Asa looked back up at him before sighing. She was probably never going to see this man anyways, so she could at least vent a little. “Oh, you know, the classics. A roof over my head, a million dollars, and a decent boyfriend that doesn’t think Sarah is hotter than me.”


Dave smiled a little before chiming in, “If it helps, at least you don’t cake yourself in a pound of makeup each morning and wear nothing but your underwear. I can respect a girl like that a lot more.”


Asa chuckled a little as they stepped forward in the line. “Actually, to be fair, you’re more likely to find me dressed like that. Sarah’s a bit of a flower child after all. Too innocent for her own good, and usually wearing some sort of froo froo dress. Only reason she’s wearing the bikini today is because I forced her out of the house once I realized Kell left.”


Dave paused for a moment on that, before asking, “How much like a flower child? Like, not even eyeliner or foundation flower child?”


Asa nodded with an evil grin. “Only time I’ve seen her in makeup was when I drew on her face with lipstick one night.”


“Really?” Dave then leaned down, looking Asa dead in the eyes as he asked, “What’s with the red skin then?”


Asa stopped dead at the question as a quick sweat broke out on her skin. She knew the answer, but under the intense gaze of this man… “Uh…”


“Welcome to Mcdonalds. What can I get for you today?”


Dave looked up at the cashier, a scowl on his face. “I’d like an explanation.”


The woman behind the register suddenly went dead serious as she met his eyes and duly responded with, “Trust me, you don’t want to know where the food comes from. Especially the eggs.”

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