The Beginning of The End (Of a Peaceful Retirement) Pt. 3

“Oh my Satan, Kell, you’re okay!”


The girl in the red skin and the smallest bikini Dave had seen wrapped her arms around Kell as the other girl kept narrowed eyes on him. He met them, ignoring her icy stare as he politely waved back.


Kell let go of the red girl, before gesturing to Dave. “The big strong man’s name is Dave! And he’s super nice! He even let me know that he always goes for that walk every morning, so I can bother you all for treats every morning! Isn’t that great?”


The red girl frowned for a moment, before turning to Dave. “I’m sorry for the trouble. Kell can be a lot to handle sometimes, but we’ll make sure she doesn’t bother you again. My name is Sarah by the way.”


For a moment, Dave hesitated to take her hand, before shaking the thought away. He had accepted to give Kell a chance and breakfast. He’d already lost any control of the morning that he might have had before. “She was no problem, I promise. Made the day start in an… interesting way.”


“Oh, I bet she made you real interested in her. Are you even bothering to wear a bra today?”


Dave opened his mouth to respond, before he was cut off, but not by the voice he expected. It was instead from Sarah, whose voice was sweet, a little melodious, and was still somehow able to ask, “Does she need one?”


To which the third member of their little group slapped herself with her hand before dragging it down her face, revealing eyes that could kill. “We’re going, Sarah. That goes double for you Kell, before you lose what little respect you have for yourself.”


Dave watched all of this, now staying quiet as he glanced back to Kell who looked down. How often did she need to get scolded like this? How much did she need it?


For a moment, as the three began to turn away from him, he thumbed a piece of paper in pocket, before looking back up at them.


“Would you two like to have breakfast too? I was just about to offer Kell another syrupy sandwich, and I can swing it for all three of you.”


Kell squealed a little at the proposition, before shutting up from a quick growl from the still unnamed girl, before Sarah put a hand on her shoulder. The two began talking to each other quickly, but it quickly became obvious to him that whatever argument they had, Sarah won it in the first line.


What sealed it though was Kell pushing the two apart and then gripping into their shoulders, to which both of theirs eyes looked about ready to pop. “We’re staying for more sandwiches, and that’s final!”


Sarah simply agreed, while the other one twisted out of her friend’s grip and began rubbing her shoulder. They both then sat down while Kell clapped her hands together. “I’m happy things worked out.”


Dave thumbed the piece of paper in his pocket again, before looking at the counter. “There’s a bit of a line. Biggest prick of the morning always was the one that had to go grab lunch, so you’re coming with me miss moody.”


To which the last one only responded with, “My name is Asa,” before letting Dave go to the counter by himself.


At least, until Kell frowned, and then back slapped her out of her chair and spinning towards the line.

And now with the full cast in tow, a little about where they’re from, as they’re all from my Jumbled Thoughts. Hence the title to the comic.


I’ll start with the star first: Kell Dave. He is from a concept I had to give an aging man who was unfulfilled in his retired life a journal that he could write into once a day. Whatever he wrote, happened… To an extent. He was always meant to be a gentler soul, and I’m really happy with how hes come out so far for this.


Kell: She came from my most common type of dead story: Sci-fi! This time though, it has pretty much no influence over her actual backstory, as in that story she was supposed to be an anomaly that fed off of pure protein, was almost indestructible, but not inherently evil. Just animalistic. Now though, she’s a bit more controlled, a lot less likely to actually kill something, and cute as a button!


Asa: This one was from a book series I had planned for seven books, but I don’t know when/if I’ll ever get to actually get to. In that, she was a low class thief going to a prestigious academy where pretty much everyone was better than her. Instead of working with them though, she despised them, staying headstrong and trying to prove herself. Lets just say that in both stories it’s only because of her friends that her plans will ever come true.


Sarah: This one is simple. I kept trying to join D&D games as an innocent, Tiefling Cleric but never got to, so I decided to put her in here. She has grown a LOT since that small concept, and I can’t wait to show you how.



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