The Beginning of The End (Of a Peaceful Retirement) Pt. 2

“I’m sorry, but have you-”


“Please tell us you’ve seen some crazy, idiot girl who probably tried paying with lint or something!”


Dave rolled his eyes as he heard the two loud women at the counter as he took another sip of his coffee. This was why he didn’t normally come to places like these for breakfast, even when he got caught up with a project for too long before work. You’d always find the craziest people this early in the morning, and he liked it to be quieter anyways. If he was going to get deafened, it had better be by a jackhammer.


However, it was currently worth it, as the girl across from him… Well, despite some of the guys he had worked with over his thirty-five years of construction work, she almost topped the oddities list.


She didn’t seem to know what a car was. Definitely wasn’t a whore with how she sometimes seemed to feel it necessary to cover her chest, but wasn’t modest either, as she seemed to not have a care in the world when it was pretty much only the two of them. The worst part was how… shy she was? She couldn’t order for herself, had shut up while almost the instant she had calmed down from him agreeing to get her breakfast, and now ate in small bites while curled up in her chair like a child.


It was the behavior of a ten year old, if not five, not a girl who he now doubted had had plastic surgery.


“Please, it’s actually really important. She can be a bit… excited when on her own, and if we don’t find her, she might get in trouble.”


“And we really can’t afford that right now, so if you see a girl asking for syrupy sandwiches, just give her a mcgriddle, call this number, and don’t you dare fucking delay.”


‘Syrupy Sandwich.’

Dave looked up at that as he took another slow sip, before almost spitting out his coffee. The two girls he’d been listening to in the silence of his current companion and… Yeah, if he imagined this girl had roommates, they might fit the bill. The first one was somehow red from head to toe, and he doubted it was just some sort of bad sunburn. The other one looked normal at least, except for the steel bat she had behind her head, and the black leather jacket with yellow trim, matched by stockings that were the similar.


He could go on about the other girl’s outfit but… If Kell didn’t make him blush, this girl did.


And Kell now looked at the two oddities before yelling, “Sarah! Asa! Come over here!”


And Dave simply took another sip of his coffee as a few gears began turning in his mind.


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