The Beginning of The End (Of a Peaceful Retirement) Pt. 1

Kell snuck through the bushes outside strong man’s house like a… Kell through a bunch of bushes she supposed. She didn’t actually know what to call herself. Whenever Asa did stealthy things, she would narrate about her being a shadow and an unseen force, but Kell didn’t want to be as weak as a shadow, and if she was invisible, how could she talk to strong man? Sarah had taught her to look people in the eye when she spoke with them, instead of around corners or while choking them. Especially that latter one in fact.


She didn’t like talking to people though! Fighting them to protect her family was so much easier! She could always try to mimic one of them, but they both kept telling her she had to make her own identity. And then they yelled at her when she stole things or choked people. It wasn’t fair.


She had to figure something out though. She couldn’t just keep skulking in his bushes, even with how comfy they were. She’d probably get seen when he came out anyways from what Asa always said.


What Asa always said… Her mean friend did like to talk a lot, and Sarah had never told Kell that how Asa usually spoke was something to ignore in its entirety. In fact, even she usually let Asa talk to people for her because she was worried about screwing something up.


And she had seen Asa talk to lots of guys when asking for things, so she knew the exact sort of tactic she should use in this case.


A tactic that led to Dave opening a door to what he assumed was… well, something that would make most men’s jaw drop. It was a girl with short, neat, blonde hair, tits as large as his head, kept in by a tight, white shirt, no visible sign of a bra, her pale white midriff on display for the world, and blue shorts that were worn a little too low, so you could start seeing where her legs met her thighs.


Dave stared at her for a solid minute, before a lightbulb seemingly went off in the girl’s head, and one of her hands shot forward. “Hi, I’m Kell! I’m here to see if I can get some syrupy goodness from you.”


For a moment, Dave’s brain just kind of stopped, before he pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head. “So, which of them set you up? Donald? Rich? Warren? Or was it that idiot Charles? He’s the one that probably knows the most about girls like you after all.”


Kell tilted her head, before shaking her head, and her chest, vigorously. “No one sent me! I saw you on a jog this morning, just like a lot of mornings, but I didn’t, um…” She bit into her lip for a moment as Dave raised an eyebrow, a bemused smile slowly coming onto his face before she said, “join you. Instead, I figured out where you lived by, uh… Google? People find other’s houses through that, right?”




“Then Google. I found your house on Google, my friends are being mean to me, and now I’m here to be your friend, because you look big, strong, and might be able to get me a syrupy sandwich!”


“And what might be wanting in this sandwich?”


“Sausage! Kell loves sausage!”


Dave let out a sigh as he shook his head again. At least she was being cute with being told to lie to him, but he wanted to put an end to this. “Look, while I’m flattered, and you can keep the money they spent on you, I hate seeing a girl like you having to act like this. So, you can either go, or I’ll take you to Mcdonalds, and maybe I can give you some life advice while we eat?”


Kell let out a squeal of excitement, before jumping up as she yelled, “Yay! I did it! I made a friend!”


And one more time, before the need to keep his word forced him not to ask anything, yet, kicked in, Dave wondered what the fuck was going on as he stood in his doorway.


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