Sunday Service

Haras was frozen in place, cursing her grandfather out. He’d actually made the order to seek out this Dave fellow fairly urgent. To be done at all haste. Any delay could cost her her bid at becoming the devil, which seemed ludicrous, unless… No. There was no way that this could cause that which she feared most.


Unfortunately, that which she feared most and this had the same problem: They were off limits by holy decree to being raised to the ground by her. The first one was…  Not something she was going to dwell on now. This though… This was consecrated ground. Holy ground she would need to cross, where her magics would fail her, and she would be shown for what she was.


Maybe that’s why her grandfather mentioned some stupid lie her sister used.


She stared at the little gate in front of her, and the white outline only she could see on it. She could just try to cloak herself from it and burn more magic but… No. The dual time stops with Sarah had cost her more than she’d like, and she had more she had to do as it was. All she had to do was introduce herself anyways. If her appearance caused a problem, she could come back tomorrow and wipe some memories or something.


Yeah. She didn’t need to worry about these people. She just needed to do her job. Have her fun.


And so she crossed the threshold, her eyes widening as her skin felt like sizzling. Her chest tightened as it got stronger, the holy presence in the area being stronger than she had expected. She… She was a devil though. One of the greats. She… She didn’t care about a little SEARING FLESH!


Fortunately for her, she had timed it well, and was running a hand through her hair as a man stepped out of the large, church doors before her. He was an aged man with gray hair, but he had aged well, with large muscles, a firm jaw, and for the most part, Haras found herself temporarily thinking about sin despite the fact that her body began to smoke a little from it.


Not that Dave noticed this. All he saw was a girl that met him in height in an outfit most unfit for church and… He smiled. There was no doubt in his mind who this might be, despite not knowing of any of Sarah’s family. “Hello there. I’m going to guess you aren’t here for my sermon on modesty.”


Haras looked down upon her breasts that were constantly threatening to spill out of her small bikini top before running her hands along the tall peaks. “Oh, I don’t know, I think I could use with a lesson or two. I could start with your collar in fact, though I may need to take something else off in return.”


Dave, in a fashion not unfamiliar to his parish, actually went ahead and took his collar off. It was a thin white band, normal for priests like him, just like his long, black robe. He then extended the piece of fabric to her saying, “Take it. I hate the stuffy thing anyways.”


Haras was terrified to take it though. It didn’t shine like some holy relic, but she had threatened to strip in front of him! Did he not care? Did she need to take a different approach? No… She knew she could do this, and maybe this was just a priest on the brink of temptation. “Well, let me take off my top first at least.”


“I’d rather you don’t. I already have about seven guys in there who have to tell me what temptations they fell to every other week, and I don’t want to hear about you from each of them. Besides, I doubt Sarah would like to hear that I’ve seen her sister’s breasts.”


Haras, who was a small tug away from undoing her top, slowly looked up at him, pale. “Sarah? Whose Sarah?”


Dave smiled. He’d seen this dozens of times at with both construction workers and the youths he’d worked with. “Sarah. The other ‘full time cosplayer’ who probably would smoke by being on church grounds. She lives with me, and so I’m guessing you being here is-”


He didn’t get any farther than that. This was not okay. This would not be how she met a man this close to Sarah for the first time. She needed more planning. More information, more… anything. He could not be in control though, and even though it burned every fiber of her being, her magic rose.


And Dave was left blinking, wondering what he’d been doing while Haras was nowhere to be seen, even though the smoke and ash from her spell hung thick in the air.

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