Kell bounced behind George and Dave as they walked into one of the larger rooms of gym with equipment that lined every wall. The two had discussed their plan while the girls had been changing, but Kell was simply trying to focus on them, because if she let her eyes wander, well… To say there was eye candy for her would do her love of savory foods injustice.


However, she was soon told to get on her back, having been brought to one of the benches with a bar suspended over it. She could put together that she was supposed to do something with the bar, what with her chest being just below it, but she waited patiently, staring up at the two burly, delicious men above her as they whispered to each other.


Finally, Dave got George to shrug, before he looked down to her and the blonde man went to the weights. “Alright. This is a bench press. The idea is that you put weight on this bar, and then you need to slowly lower it to your chest, and then slowly push it back up. The reason why I emphasize the speed of this is that if you don’t take it slowly, you can often get more reps, but the movements themselves don’t mean as much and you end up with a worse workout. Understood?”


Kell nodded, before grinning at his as she started trying to loosen up her muscles. That wasn’t so hard, not with her training, so she could let her eyes wander while she did this, right? Yeah. Enjoy the sight before her while she got in a tough workout. “So, what are we going to start with.”


Both Dave and George glanced at each other, and then at the large weights that George had already put onto the bar. “Oh, about a hundred pounds should be a good place to start. It’s always best to be careful after all.”


Kell nodded, nodding her head back and forth as she waited for Dave and George. This was her sort of thing after all, and she was getting pumped to show them how good she was at it! How strong she was, since she knew she wasn’t the smartest. Yeah, that’d get them to like her. To get them to… To…


“Kell? Are you ready?”


Kell snapped out of her thoughts, not even having noticed the fact that she’d begun to drool before she looked up, seeing the bar bend away from her under the pressure from the weights. “Oh, are you done?”


Dave nodded. “George and I are going to spot you, just in case it’s too much, and we’ll correct as we see fit.”


George stayed silent. He didn’t know the girl as well after all, having only met her once before, but he did sweat as Kell reached up, putting both of her hands right next to each other, with no space inbetween, which would make handling the bar all the more difficult if it was heavy for her. He trusted Dave though, so he stayed silent.


And then Kell began. She was told to do three sets of ten reps if she could, and at first she did it… okay. She raised and lowered the bar at the speed she was told, stopping at the bottom and top of her rep, but she soon became bored. The bar was only a hundred pounds after all, and she knew she’d been able to lift a lot more in her life, though she never knew how much exactly.


So, her mind wandered again. Listened to the pounding of feet on treadmills, the grunt of exertion from men who were having a harder time, and then her eyes zoomed in on the sweat coming down their muscles. As they ran along shirts that had their sides open, reaching towards their shorts. Reaching towards their tight, tight, damp sho-


“That’s thirty, Kell.”


She blinked a few times, before putting the bar back gently, not even thinking as the bench groaned from the weight. “Well, how did Kell do? Awesome, right?”


Dave smiled at her, motioning for her to stand up as he began walking away from the bench. “You did okay, but we may want to work on your technique next time. Will someone get the weights for me while I show our new member the track?”


The people waiting for the bench nodded, not wanting to mess with the girl who had started playing with a  thousand pounds of weight as if it were a tree branch. Even George was pale as he followed Dave, wondering as he had so many times before how he shrugged off such weird shit like this so easily.

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