Part of the non-canon weekend posts

Asa laid back against one of the trees, an eyebrow raised as she looked out towards the mainland. It was a speck on the horizon at this point, and a lot farther than a girl who barely knew how to swim could reach. That… That was a problem, but fortunately, she was staring at her solution, who was growling in front of her.


Kiren’s eyes narrowed, before she raised a claw threatenly, bringing it only centimeters away from Asa’s neck. “Why did you tell me to wait? I already accompanied you on this silly trip, away from my Keeper, and now you desire I spend more time away from him? Or is this something you humans consider as fun?”


“Screwing with you? Yes. Getting stranded, no.” Asa smiled a little more as Kiren let out a howl, before she stepped back. Kiren had managed to keep her normal form so far during their trip, which had only happened because of a raffle Asa had won, but now she watched as the dragoness’s large, leathery wings started to grow out of her back, blue flames disguising the more… disturbing parts that came with her transformation. “You can’t just leave me though!”


Kiren screamed at the idea, before slamming a foot down upon the beach, sending a plume of sand up that was twice her height. Asa began to cough as she accidentally breathed in part of the wall of sand that came, only to be cut off as Kiren’s blue eyes came into view and one of the dragoness’s claws pushed her into the tree.


For a moment, there was silence as Kiren’s other claw was raised to strike, but instead the dragoness spoke, slowly and deliberately. “I hate you. You’re the most annoying of the people my Keeper wishes me to befriend, the greatest threat for you are purely of his kind, and seem to think yourself something special. Why should I not leave you to die?”


Asa swallowed hard, humbled for a moment, but the raised claw gave her the proof she needed. “Because you know what your Keeper will do if he knew you left me here.”


Kiren’s eyes narrowed. Fortunately for Asa, this wasn’t the other annoyingly calm weakling that Kiren knew, her own Sarah back on the preserve. The zombie, who had been missing when the dragons came out to play, would have been able to come up with a lie. Something to tell Charles that would get her off the hook for such an action, not that she would have been able to get ashore either.


Kiren on the other hand… Well, there’s a reason why she stayed silent while she held Asa, who laughed in triumph as they flew back to shore.


The dragoness swears though that she thought the girl wouldn’t get hurt from a thirty foot drop, even while Asa screamed at her about her broken leg.

Sorry for the delay on getting the rest of these posts out.

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