Sarah’s Sister



Standing a head taller than Sarah, wearing a black bikini top over breasts twice the size of Sarah’s head and gray shorts that would be better described as a thong, Haras stood, smiling at her sister. On her body, radiating from her cleavage, were black lightning strikes and the explosion of them striking invisible objects, giving her upper half a tattooed appearance over her red skin.


She runs a hand through her short, blonde hair as she pushes off of the wall she was leaning against, stepping into the middle of the hallway her and Sarah are in, before turning to her sister. “Same to you as well, Sarah. How have you been? Well, not great I must assume, seeing as you’re still taking dance classes instead of leading them.”


Sarah took in a sharp breath before shaking her head. She knew better than to let her emotions run when with her sister. That was where she thrived after all, even if she was callous enough to be ripped from empathy in its entirety, having better control over more common forms of demonic magic. Now if only Sarah didn’t have to look up at her. “I’ve been fine. I would be better if you left my friends alone.”


Haras smiled again as she summoned a long pipe, putting it in her mouth for a quick puff of something, before having it vanish again in a crackle of fire and smoke. “Come now, Sarah. Do you really think I would waste my time targeting your silly friends when I’ve left you all alone for the past few months? Besides, I’m too busy to pursue petty squabbles anymore.”


Sarah blinked, almost aghast at how blatantly Haras would lie to her. Not that she didn’t lie all the time anyways, but normally she tried to at least cover it up a little bit. “Too busy? All you ever do is tease petty squabbles! You wouldn’t even let me forget about you stealing my pet imp when I was three for the next decade!”


“Ah, Mr. Narbles is still doing quite well by the way, though I can no longer personally torture him as I’d like.”


“He was made to love!”


“Which makes his screams all the better!” Haras giggled as she watched Sarah return to calm. It wasn’t her sister’s strong suit though, what with how overcome by emotion she could become, but that was what made her so much fun to tease. In fact, if Haras had her way, she would spend eternity just trying to make her sister finally attack her.


That only came back to why all of this was bittersweet though. Haras scowled a little as she felt another burst of lightning spread along her collarbone. “Damn. Look, I can’t hold this for very long, but I’m being serious when I said I didn’t show up for you. In fact, I didn’t even realize you were what was causing me to be called until you stepped over to the little fountain of denial in there.”


“I’m here because grandpa got me a chance to become the next Devil. Satan himself.”


Sarah paled at the statement. Sure, all demons desired the position, but for Grandpa to have done that… “He’s mad. You need to be able to manipulate people, work from the shadows, such like that. You only piss people off.”


“I piss the people you like off. Plenty of demons like me, already follow my commands, and grandpa and I worked together a little while ago as a test for me already. After all, only a devil could have come up with the sort of presidential campaign we had, couldn’t it?”


Sarah’s eyes widened, before biting her cheek. No… Her first thought was wrong. She was after all still a demon, and simply tampering votes was miniscule compared to what had actually been done. “You played with the nominees. Made sure that no matter who was picked…”


“There would be outrage, hate, and confusion. Of course, we had to make sure one didn’t win, but other than that, we left the final votes to the world, otherwise it wouldn’t be as impressive what I’d done. Now I just need to prove that I can do the day to day work. That’s what brought me here today. A chance to make your dear friend fall further than she already has, and the sources of it are… delicious.”


Sarah narrowed her eyes, swallowing hard as she took it all in, and tried to speak like a true demoness should. Loud, confident, and deadly. “You stay away from her. Ingrid is just a normal girl. She doesn’t even know that I’m a demoness.”


Haras glanced at her sister, feeling another bolt run down her thigh as she performed a quick delve and found the web of lies that Asa and Ingrid had made to keep Sarah’s little cult a secret from her. It was tempting. There’d be plenty of confusion caused by spilling such secrets… But there was more to be done elsewhere.


Besides, she was her sister, so she merely held her hands up. “I will try to be more careful in the future. It’s not like I can’t delegate this corner of the world to you anyways, not when you’re doing such a good job!”


And Sarah didn’t even respond as she turned around, and Haras finally broke the time stop spell she’d been using once Sarah was back in her class.


Yes, she would avoid these friends of Sarah’s. She’d come too close already after all to open conflict with her just by this, and she had plenty of other things to do.


Like… the text from her grandpa saying that she needed to introduce herself to some guy named Dave. Perfect. Something boring and safe.

Sorry for the week without everyone. My computer crashed and only recovered in the middle of the week, so I decided that it was best to wait until the next week to start up again. I do apologize for the delay though.

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