Sarah’s Side of the Story

Kell slowly moved into Asa’s arms, and Asa wrapped them around her tight, the two smiling as Kell buried her face into her friend’s chest, even though it would have been much more comfortable the other way around. Neither one of them cared though, because it would be another three months of stealing and squatting before they met Sarah.


Sarah fidgeted for a moment, thinking about how they had met outside of the place they had been squatting at. A building meant to be demolished. It had started as a simple conversation, but the more they all had talked, the closer they became, until…


“And now it almost feels ruined.”


Dave looked up at that, having been staring at the ground since Asa’s story before reaching out to Sarah and squeezing her shoulder. “Hey, even if you don’t have as much of a story to tell, I’d still be willing to hear it. Besides, not everyone has a big event when meeting their friends. Heck, me and George simply met like most people in my life: He joined my crew.”


Kell shook her head, a sad smile on her face as she straightened herself, sitting properly as she rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand. “No, no. It’s not even a problem, just that I didn’t expect to hear that my grandpa had a hand in this part of my life too.”


Asa looked up at that, before frowning. “Well, seeing as I didn’t meet any sort of magic man, I’m going to assume that you’re talking about the man Kell talked about. I knew about him before now, but… He kind of always sounded like the devil.”


Sarah tapped her knees as she bit into her lip, before letting out a small chuckle. “I guess I sometimes get too used to calling him grandpa to remember to mention that… He is the devil.”


Asa blinked a few times, before her thoughts turned to a certain barista, and she began howling with laughter. Dave in the meanwhile paled at the news, before glancing to the side and getting up. “I… need to make a phone call.”


Kell nuzzled her way out of Asa’s chest, before looking back at Sarah. “I don’t care what you say. Kell considers that man to be the nicest man I’ve ever met. His words haven’t even come to pass, so Kell bets it’s a bunch of hooey.”


Sarah bit her lip, unwilling to say that that was exactly why she was scared. Then again, she couldn’t think of why Kell would ever truly need her strength. Not all of it at least, so she let herself lean back, letting out a small sigh as she shut her eyes and all of the girls escaped to their own thoughts.




“Mother Anne, I know its been a while-“


“Been a while? I’m a ninety-two year old woman who still has to watch over a bunch of little brats, and none of them can even chop wood like you could! I barely even noticed… Though I hope you’ve been well.”


“I have been, Mother. The city is as harsh as it has ever been, but I wanted to call you about three young women I took in recently. I think you’d like them.”


“So long as they aren’t like that first thing you brought into your household.”


“Mother… Please don’t-“


“I know! I just wish you’d let it go. We’ve already had confession about it, several times in fact. You’re retired, and it’s almost thirty years into the past. It’s time you moved on.”


“I… I think at least one of them’s cute.”


“How dare you change the subject to something I want to talk about more! Now, tell me everything!”


And so he did, beginning talking earnestly about the girls under his care, even as he held the picture of a teenager in his hand, the stories having hit just a little too close for his comfort. At least he always had his ‘mother’ to come back to. Too bad he could feel how bad the caning would be if he were honest with her about Sarah.

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