Pizza 2

Asa strode into the Pizza Hut they had ordered from, scowling at the man at the counter. Her look could kill lesser man, but the poor manager who was working that day had been pretty bored, and ignored the fact that death was staring him directly in the face.


Instead, he took in the outfit she wore. Or, mostly, two pieces of it. A pink, frilly tutu, and a fancy tiara made of cheap plastic on her head. He opened his mouth to say something, but only got a cold, malicious, “Don’t say a damn thing,” back.


Unfortunately, he was still bored, so he just grinned and said, “Alright, your majesty.”


Kell tapped Sarah’s shoulder as the they all watched from Dave’s car Asa picking up the pizza. “I thought I wasn’t allowed to hurt people, so why is Asa allowed to grab that man like that?”


Sarah swallowed hard, feeling a little sick as she watched her admittedly crass friend scream so loud they could hear the muffled shouts from where they were parked outside. “Um… Well, you see, Asa has something we call anger issues, and, um… We have to acknowledge that those people need help and not to be antagonized. This is an example of someone antagonizing her… I hope.”


Dave merely leaned back in his chair, still smiling from the look on Asa’s face when she saw the two accessories, and a slight chuckle escaping him as he still didn’t have to tell her why he had them.


All that mattered was that he had them, and she wasn’t allowed to take them off until they got back home.

I believe this is still the shortest post I’ve written. I try to avoid ones this short as I feel it risks having been able to be a part of the last post, but I liked leaving the suspense about the outfit for now.


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