Out For A Run

Kell bounced a little bit as they got upstairs, her eyes gleaming as she looked at the artificial, rubber track that dominated the second story of the gym. It was mostly leftover energy from the strength test, but she didn’t mind about that. She just wanted to run and bounce anyways, so a little bit of extra energy would do her well.


Also, guys couldn’t look as tasty when they ran. They wouldn’t glisten, grunt, or anything like that. Nope, she could just relax right now while she waited for Dave and George caught up. Just dance a little jig, bounce up and touch the ceiling, and-


“Stevens, you know you’re not supposed to wear a speedo while running, right?”


“It lets the boys free, man!”


Dave smacked himself as he came up next to Kell, who was standing still, the only part of her moving being her head as it slowly nodded up and down, up and down, and… “Kell, are you okay?”


Kell didn’t even blink as she continued nodding, hissing out, “Yes,” before licking her lips and beginning to turn towards Dave. She had questions for him, but she didn’t need to ask them. Her claws would make it all too easy to get the-


“And start running. You’re on the clock.”


Kell’s brain reacted more to the spirit of the statement and what it used to mean than actually listening to Dave. For a moment, she could hear the charging of a collar around her neck as her eyes widened, fear replacing arousal, before she began running. She didn’t care about anything but the speed right now, defaulting to her old escape of running. Running hard, and running fast. When she needed to turn, she jumped, hit the wall, and cracked it as she jumped in the new direction she was going.


When she barely heard Dave shout, “Stop,” he was staring at a timer that said fourty-five seconds. That meant that she had been going twenty miles and hour, and, from what he had just witnessed… He believed it.


He also knew something was going wrong with her. She was shaking and fidgeting as she stopped on almost a dime, scraping the rubber underneath her feet. She had left scars on the track wherever she had stepped, likely from her claws chewing through her soles. That, or plain, regular force caused it, a thought that was… Even more worrisome.


Dave came closer to Sarah, putting an arm around her. “Hey, hey, calm down. You’re okay. Everything is okay.”


Kell looked up, her head twitching as reality slowly came back to her, and she was surrounded by Dave. Surrounded by his strength, his muscle, his care. She slowly wrapped her arms around him, her mind returning as she snuggled into his chest, her breathing coming in ragged gasps as she calmed down. Yes, this was normal.


“Guys, Asa fell off the treadmill I put her on!”


Oh, good, even more of a reminder things were normal, at least to Kell. Dave was currently wondering if he could even make a table at this point without it being possessed by the spirit of Satan at the rate that these girls were causing chaos everywhere they went.

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