Not Enough

Sarah and Kell glanced at each other as Asa stood at the top of the stairs, barring either one from going. Instead, she simply glared the two down, darkening the whole stairway as she made sure they felt her fury.


Something that doesn’t quite work on friends that have had to live with you for the past few months as Sarah said, “I thought I was the only one that could cast darkness. Did you learn black magic behind my back?”


Asa smacked herself before putting her fists down and yelling, “No! I’m here about the fact that we’re twenty posts in, and we’ve only done small bits of fan service! We’re three healthy, fertile woman in the peaks of our lives, and one of us even went with making her breasts smaller, while another put on a dress instead of a bikini.”


Sarah swallowed hard before she scratched the back of her head and looked up. “Well, um, we’re kind of a story focused thing, so I don’t know how well fanservice works for us. Besides, now we’ve ticked off fourth wall jokes, so isn’t that enough?”


Asa growled as she put her hands on her hips. “No, miss ‘cosplayer’, that is not enough. How are we supposed to get you dressed as Tifa Lockheart if you haven’t done it in the story?”


“I don’t know who that is.”


“To be fair, Kell doesn’t know what fanservice is.”


“Oh, well, it’s really something you shouldn’t worry about, as most of the time it’s greatly frowned upon many industries as something that’s overly done to sexualize women as objects, rather than trying to make them good characters.”


Sarah beamed at Kell, who smiled back, unlike Asa, who was boiling with rage. Fortunately, Sarah understood all of this well enough to point out something that Asa was neglecting. “If you want to do fanservice so much, why don’t you dress sexy?”


Asa looked up at Sarah, and the demoness shrank back under the intensity of her gaze, before Asa grabbed at her modest chest and yelled, “Have you seen my ti-”


“Will you all stop yelling?”


They all jumped as they looked up to Dave, who was standing in the bathroom’s doorway. They then all really took a look at him, from his strong, chiseled arms that flexed with every movement, rippling with muscle as he he scratched the back of his head. His wide pecs that quivered from the strain of being spread out as they were, and whose nipples were erect and dripping with water.


The rest of his body glistened as he held onto a towel that was wrapped around his lower half, though it came down to just above his knees. A fact which, just for anyone who might have been concerned, allowed the girls to confirm that Dave indeed did not skip leg day. In fact, leg day was probably scared of him with how large his calves were.


Kell reached out towards the mat of hair that was on his chest, but it was at this time that Dave decided to turn around, heading back into the restroom to finish his shower, and leaving the three girls standing there.


At least until Sarah collapsed from her knees being weak, and Asa ran, trying to hide the fact that she’d been drooling. Kell… well, her hair had gone bright pink and she now weakly pawed at the door as she muttered, “Kell want,” over and over to herself.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Except… This isn’t a Valentine’s post, it’s the twentieth post! This is important to me because it was the final post I wrote before deciding to make this official to myself. To make a website and get ready to start posting it, because these first twenty posts were made in about two weeks, I was that excited about this idea! So, I didn’t want to interrupt it, and I hope to see you all for future posts as my enjoyment of writing this hasn’t diminished at all.

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