Part of the non-canon weekend posts.

Dave sipped on a Diet Coke as he looked at the figure huddled underneath his work bench. Charles glanced back, before mouthing, “Thank you,” before they both froze at hearing the door to the garage open, and Dave casually closed the door to the bench. He then glanced over, raising an eyebrow at the figure who walked in.


It was someone who was red, just like Sarah, but she looked like she reveled in the more revealing clothes she wore, from the bikini top over her well endowed breasts, to her booty shorts. She flashed Dave a smile, before hopping onto the work bench, leaning forward and pushing out her chest, even as black lightning bolts flew across it and exploded. “Hi.”


Dave raised an eyebrow as he turned to her, offering her a hand, but she just giggled at the gesture. “Sorry. Us demons try to avoid that, just in case our magics make some sort of deal we didn’t mean to because of it. However,” she said as licked her lips, “I wanted to ask what you thought of the letter you got this morning.”


Dave smiled a little at her sweet words, knowing false kindness when he heard it. “You mean the one about marriage?”


She grinned at the final word, before nodding. “Yes, that’s the one. I know such curses are a little mean, but I was hoping it would get me a good chance to talk to you about the more important facts with it.”


“Well, I don’t see why you’d want to talk to me. I’m not the one who got cursed.”


The woman, who was Sarah’s sister Haras, blinked a few times, before hissing out, “But only a guy could have opened it.”


“Yes, and the wording was interesting in that way. Fortunately, only Dari and Sarah were the ones in the house when my other, male houseguest opened it, since Dari wanted to know the urgent news in case I was needed for it.”


Haras’s eye twitched for a moment, before she hissed out, “And?”


“And I think your relative and the dragon might still be fighting each other, because Sarah does think he’s sweet and likes the idea of being a bride and… Charles, how did you put it?”


Charles opened the door that was hiding him, poking his head out first to make sure neither of the girls were there, before looking up at her. “I think Dari would literally die of embarrassment and excitement if I proposed to her right now, shortly before her sister tried to murder her.”


Haras blinked a few times, before looking back to Dave. “Does my sister really want to get married that badly?”


“I don’t think so, but the joke was enough to send them crashing through the house. Why do you think I’m working on new doors?”


Haras leaned back, slowly nodding to herself, before she asked, “So… I actually came here in the hopes that, to avoid having to do this, you would make a deal to make sure you don’t ever evict my sister, but…”


Dave turned to her, raising an eyebrow, before asking, “I’m going to guess that there’s probably an angel who would say you’re meddling too much, wouldn’t you? I’ve heard they can be pricks like that.”


Haras narrowed her eyes, before snapping her fingers, disappearing as the curse was lifted, and the two girls collapsed in the backyard. The poor, scorched, backyard.

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