Kell’s Hair

Dave sipped a Diet Coke as he read his paper, the early morning sun poking in through the window. The soda was a bad habit admittedly, but he always said he considered it as better than coffee, at least as far as taste went, and he appreciated the caffeine. Still, it was something he hoped to stop doing… eventually.


Today though, he happily continued to drink it as he heard excited steps race down the stairs. Or, the first few steps before the springy girl leapt down the rest, crashing down onto the tiles at the bottom of the stairs, crouching down with the impact before jumping up, turning towards him with the spin, and giving him that same, stupid grin she always gave him. Her shirt was the same white it normally was, though thankfully less strained than it sometimes was, and her tight shorts were a little more relaxed as she let her tail flicked behind her. It all looked very nice, complete with her short, red hair.



Dave put the newspaper down as he checked what he had seen, watching the red locks bounce a little as Kell skipped into the dining room. As she got close to him though, he tensed his lower muscles, before tossing his chair back as her leapt forward, his large hands grabbing her arms as she jumped in surprise.


Pretty soon, the two were on the ground, with Kell pinned on the ground under Dave, her flailing under his firm hand. “What did Kell do!?”


Dave smirked a little, remembering the last time he had seen her angry, red hair. It was what she got whenever she was feeling… frisky was too naughty for the young girl, and energetic felt like how she normally was. Dangerous though… Yeah, dangerous fit for how she got when she wanted to wrestle or fight. “Kell, don’t be bad and act like you didn’t want to play. I just got the first move off.”


Kell continued to flail under him, but he had too much leverage on her with his hand firmly on the small of her back at this point. However, if she swung her tail to one side, she could-




“Ow!” Dave brought his hand away, having been caught off guard by the barbed tail, massaging the small cut it gave him as Kell bounced to her feet, clearing about ten feet in the jump too to put distance between her and Dave. However, unlike most days she felt like playing like this, she didn’t then charge back.


Instead, she just tilted her head, her tail waving at him as she asked, “What made you think Kell wanted to play like that? She’s hoping Asa will finally let her try that weird card game she’s always playing!”


Dave blinked a few times, before pointing to her head. “Your hair is red. Doesn’t that mean you’re angry or something like that?”


Kell glanced up, before giggling a little bit as she ruffled her hair a little, the color changing in the process to a deep, dark blue, even while she smiled. “Sorry! Kell can mess with her hair color when she wants to, but she usually just leaves it like this!”


And, as she pointed to her hair, smiling at him, her hair slowly turned back to being her normal, cheerful blonde, and Dave let out a relieved sigh as he got up. “Well, at least that does explain it. Does seem like a bad idea by your creators to leave you with permanent mood hair.”


Kell nodded happily, though her smile became a little smaller, her eyes narrowing as her hair began to shorten. “Though, Dave gives Kell a fun idea for today.”


He glanced back, taking in the almost shaved, red hair that she had, before turning back and freezing. “Wait, Ke-”


“This is war!”




“Shut up! Some of us are trying to-” Asa tried finishing her scream, but found herself silenced as Sarah rolled over in her bed, a rose on the back of her neck as she smiled, despite her roommate’s glare.

This was actually INSPIRED by the art done 4BitsGaming, also known as The Gaming Drawer, who did a wonderful piece of Kell with red hair, and I wanted to make it clear that it wasn’t wrong!

Kell by Jensen.png

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