Kell’s Attempt

Kell was done with this. Kell was done with all of these attempts to look into the nature of Dave. That was the work of scientists and researchers, people she considered the bottom of any society. They were villains and scoundrels, out to create abominations, and when they failed they would still try to make what was pure into monsters.


At least, that was how Kell looked at them due to her upbringing, so seeing her friends turn into such things was something she could not stand. Even Sarah was considering using her magic to learn what she could behind Dave’s back ever since she came back from that stupid construction site. That had been the last straw for Kell.


So, now, while Dave drew on some blue paper in his garage, Kell stood beside him, hands on her hips, face in a scowl, and her voice cold as she stated, “I demand that you tell me your secrets!”




Kell stopped at that, opening her mouth. She didn’t really have any way to rebuttal and tell him that he had to. After all, she ate his food, lived in his house, and beating him up would probably lead to another hug from him, and she wasn’t going to allow that. She liked hugs, but not when she was supposed to be showing him how strong she was. “But, but the others are getting so annoying! Asa keeps searching you on Google, and Sarah seems to switch between telling me not to worry to staring at her scrying things like she’s about to cast magic to find them out!”


Dave blinked a few times, before smiling a little. “For Sarah, I imagine reminding her that everyone has secrets, but it doesn’t make them bad, would put an end to that. As for Asa…” He tapped his pen against the wooden work bench he stood at for a moment, before putting down his pen.


“Look, I’m still trying to figure out if all of this was a good idea anyways. I’m not perfect after all. I’ve seen plenty of people like yourself though and given them a chance to make up for it. Those who actually took it, I call some of my closest friends. Those who didn’t…”




“So you’re saying that Dave pretty much said that we need to get jobs soon or we’re getting kicked out?”


“Yep, and that snooping around is just shortening the time we have.”


Asa leaned back, quiet for a few moments, before giggling. “Funny thing is, it actually does help… Even though now I need to start job hunting…” She leaned her head forward with a sigh while Kell patted her on the back.


All while Dave stayed in his garage, staring at his blueprints and wishing he had the nerve to keep to his word.

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