Kell Attempts to Pancake

Dave stepped out of his room, stretching himself out. He could feel his age a bit this morning, what with the fact that he still couldn’t work out that stupid kink in his neck, and his gut was really causing him a problem. Then again, that could just be from the fact that he kept pushing back something in there, but he didn’t worry about it too much.


What he was more concerned by was the fact that two eyes were looking up at him from… a pancake? It wasn’t hard to tell what it was, sure, but he was having a bit of a problem comprehending it, which he supposed should have been his response to Sarah when he first met her. Then again, demons he could believe from his upbringing. This… This was something else.


Not that the pancake minded, as she jumped up a little bit, her blonde hair giving away which girl had done this, though Dave had already bet on who it was. Kell was all too happy to poke her head out anyways, and she smiled at Dave with her razor teeth, before looking to her side and biting part of it off. “Goo’ ‘orning, Dave!”


Dave put a hand on his forehead, smiling as he shook his head before bending his legs, feeling his muscles creak with the action. “Alright, tell me what you did.”


Kell raised a hand, as if swearing an oath, before stating, “Nothing bad, I promise, but,” she said as she lifted up her pancake blanket, revealing that she was only in a wrap around her breasts and her underwear. Not that she cared too much about almost flashing Dave as she proudly stated, “I made a panket!”


Dave wiped his hand down his face, forcing himself to ignore the sight before him and to keep his cheeks cool, before looking up into her miscolored eyes. There was nothing malicious there, just like always. Just the normal innocence that he admired in the little science experiment. “Yes… but why?”


Kell came back down onto the floor, only her head staying out of the pillow as the rise in the pillow where her ass was shook back and forth, as if she was some puppy that was excited to play. “Well, you see, Kell couldn’t get to sleep, so she went to the computer, thought about a snack she could make, and remembered how yummy Asa’s pancakes were, so she wanted some! Then I thought to myself, ‘why make a lot of pancakes when I could make one big one’!”


She then rolled over, completely wrapping it around her, leaving her trapped in it like a sausage in its blanket. “Besides, I made it to help me get to sleep, so what better option than making one bigger than me?”


Dave opened his mouth to tell her the problems with that, before stopping himself. It was slow moving in his mind, because he didn’t want to face this, but… “What did you use to make it in?”


Kell paused for a few moments, before wiggling backwards, trying to sink inside of her panket. What Dave would find out as the answer was that she ‘improvised’ to pull this off, and the kitchen he had built thirty years ago was… To say it didn’t look pretty was an understatement.


Plus side, it was Asa’s turn to clean the kitchen, and watching her scream at the mess was a plus while Dave went to… cope.


All while Kell continued to nom into her pancake from the inside.

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