Job Searching

Kell glanced into Sarah and Asa’s room to see the latter on her laptop. The wild girl crawled on the floor, staying low as she got ready to possibly play. To pounce on her friend and wrestle with her, just like she did with her tubemates during the few good memories she had of the laboratory. Asa usually put up a good fight, with plenty of swear and escape attempts to keep it fun.


But, just as she was about to leap, Asa said, “Stop. I’m looking up jobs online right now, and you know Dave is going to be upset if you stop me. You don’t want Dave to get upset, do you?”


Kell stopped, her muscles still tensed up, but she knew Asa was right. After all, they were all supposed to be doing that anyways, but Kell didn’t know where to start. She could try to join Asa, but from the tone of her voice, she doubted that her friend wanted the company.


Which was exactly what Asa had hoped she might think as she swapped back to Hearthstone and got in queue for her next match. She was on a hot streak towards Legend, and she wasn’t going to let Kell interrupt her.


So, instead, Kell went to find Dave or Sarah. They could possibly help her find a way to look for a job. Unfortunately, Sarah was busy cooking some lunch for them all, listening to some music that Kell didn’t want to interrupt, while Dave was in the garage, busy with his tools and wood. She supposed she could interrupt that, but she decided against it.


After all, she was made to be smart, as well as strong and quick. Finding something simple like a job should be no problem for a girl like her. She just needed to make sure to pump out her chest, literally and figuratively as her expanded rack almost threw off her balance, and find somewhere to work.


And promptly kept getting told no at each place she stopped by for work. Every restaurant she wandered into, half for a job, half because she forgot to wait for lunch, turned her away, mostly because she had no application, whatever that meant. It wasn’t her fault after all that she didn’t have one of those fancy smart phones after all.


At least, until she got to the Mcdonalds she used to go to all the time. Here, she stopped at the counter, looking at the boy with an emover who was working the counter, and asked, “Do you all need an application?”


The boy looked at her, before his eyes widened at the blue haired cutey in front of him, and he muttered, “You… want a job… here?”


Kell, her hands on the counter, and her eyes as wide as they would go, slowly nodded. “Please?”


The boy blinked a few times, before looking towards the back, and then thanking Sarah for it being a weekend. “Of course we don’t! In fact, if you want a job, just wait here, and I’ll go get you a uniform!”


Kell’s hair immediately turned golden blonde as she stood up, and shouted, “Really?”


“Yes, now just wait there.” The boy then ran towards the back, already pulling out his phone.


“I am busy. What do you desire, peon?”


“Mistress Ingrid, my apologies, but Sarah’s familiar has arrived at my place of work, and I have promised her a job. I will send photos over soon, as the ‘phenomena’ you talk about has already happened, both with blue and blonde. As well, in regards to the breast distortion effect we’ve discussed, they’re larger than my head.”


“…Peon, listen to me closely, and do only as I tell you.”

And now for a bit of a chibi Kell as she gets ready for work, brought to you by JFBelen.


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