Ingrid: The Coffee Cultist

“Cup of darkness bleaker than the lowest corners of the ninth circle of hell with angel wings.”


The small coffee shop was quiet as the words hung in the air, before the girl behind the counter, with slightly above average breasts, short, black hair, red highlights at the end of it, and a green apron covering her longsleeve, black shirt, then stated, “Espresso with whip cream.”


A man in a full suit stepped forward, reaching for his cup, but the waitress pulled her hand back, glaring at him underneath her heavy, purple eyeshadow. “Be warned, scum sucker, that even the devoted such as myself look down upon your kind. May you rot in the hell in which you came from, and this coffee burn you like you burn the souls of your clients.”


She then gave him the coffee, before looking over to where her boss, an older man with thinning hair, looked down upon her. For a moment, the woman was silent, before jumping up a little, seeming to remember why he was staring at her.

“Oh, and have a horrible day, capped by the demon Pazuzu stealing your soul!”


The older man smiled, before heading towards the back and muttering, “Why do lawyers keep stopping here for their coffee?”


It was as the man left though, that the woman saw a target far more worthy of her time. Worthy of staying in the Devil’s Ring, the name of the coffee shop, and so she moved to begin brewing the drink she always supplied the keeper of her ‘god’.


It just so happened to be that person was Asa, who walked in with Dave walking behind her. Many of the people in there, who were dressed akin to Asa with their favoritism towards black, narrowed their eyes at Dave, who was wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans. They were there for help, and because Asa thought it was good for Dave to meet one of her… odder friends.


So, when they stopped at the counter, the woman curtsied to Asa, before handing her a, “shadows mixed with mother’s essence, topped with the tears of angels, and the powder of demons.”


Dave blinked for a few moments, before Asa, having sipped her drink, translated to, “Regular coffee, with milk, shot of vanilla, and a dash of cinnamon. Also, Dave, this is Ingrid, leader of the cult of Sarah, and most likely our best shot at finding her somewhere to dance at.”


Once more, Dave kind of just let the silence hang in the air as he stared at the two girls, before Ingrid leaned forward towards Asa. “Oh, so my dear demoness requires my assistance? Well, while it may take some diving into the darker reaches of our realms, I assure you that I will do all that is within my power to find her a new place, a better place, to allow her succubus charms to work their magic.”


Asa smirked a little before rolling her eyes. “Don’t worry, Dave. She just won’t accept that Sarah is merely a dedicated cosplayer, and she has no actual magical powers. She’s probably just going to use google and the people she meets at slam poetry and pony meetings to help get Sarah a job.”


Ingrid looked up to the mountain of a man, before turning her head away. “Asa doubts my abilities, but I have never failed in helping my demoness in what she needs. If it were up to me, I would even give my home to her, as well as the soul and body that are already pledged to her service.”


Dave raised an eyebrow, and before Asa could stop him, he simply stated, “I’m surprised that Asa didn’t ask for your help when they were looking for somewhere new to stay.”


Admittedly, as Asa stared at Dave, the old man knew what he’d just done, but he was retired, and a little bored, so he wanted to see what would happen. And what happened was Ingrid’s stoic face twitching at the news, before looking at Asa. “Our dear Sarah needed somewhere to live, and you did not offer her my sanctuary of darkness and sex?”


Asa rolled her eyes. “Your studio apartment still has white walls because you aren’t allowed to paint it, and the sex part is why I never bring her here.”


Ingrid’s eye twitched again, before she tried diving over the counter, getting hung up on Dave’s arm as she clawed towards Asa, screaming, “Give me my demon, you bitch from hell! How dare you keep her worshipper unsatisfied while all she does is wish to show her devotion all over those wonderful breasts!”


Asa backed up, eyes wide as she watched Ingrid lose it, before turning to dave. “Thanks. I almost never know what this crazy cunt will-”


And then Dave let Ingrid down, as a lesson to Asa to try to start watching her mouth more when around him. Admittedly though, as Ingrid continued to scream, he probably wasn’t going to let Sarah come here too often. At least, not without Kell to back her up.

And for today, we have Asa and Kell done by Hinarah


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