In Dance and War

Ingrid looked down at her phone, unable to watch the teacher anymore. She acted without regard for who Sarah was, clutched her tighter than any mortal could possibly be allowed, but it was nothing. It… had to be nothing. Sarah was just using this mortal like any other. Even… her.


HarasxxBuubsxx has added you as a contact.


Hey! I’m happy you sent me the request. After all, it looks like you’re in a pretty bad bind, what with some old cougar trying to woo your ‘goddess’. I’d personally just light her on fire, but I guess that’s my right as a demon, and not yours.


Ingrid blinked at the message. A demon? One that was watching over them even now? Could it be one of Sarah’s retainers? It did have Sarah’s name backwards after all. Who are you, and what do you want?


I am one who is just as interested in Sarah’s life as you. One who cannot dare pass up on such raw emotions such as yours. I can channel them you know. Tell you things that only I know about Miss Olga. Secrets that I can help you spread, with the truth being damned for your feelings.


Ingrid didn’t respond immediately. She had only used her cult for good, at least to some extents. Things that Sarah would approve of.


I mean, unless you are just some wannabe cult leader who can’t admit her own feelings. Oh, or is it because you’re too dumb to understand what I’m saying? Do I ned to star mispulling words for u?


Ingrid’s cheeks came alight at that. She wasn’t an idiot, and she was certainly no wannabe. No, she would show this demon just what she could-




Ingrid looked up as Sarah smiled at her, and she fidgeted under her gaze. Her fingers hovered over the phone, ready to type a message back until Sarah’s hands came over hers. “I wanted to thank you for getting me this opportunity, and I hope you didn’t need to go too far out of your way just for me.”


Ingrid’s heart almost skipped a beat as she tried to figure out something to say. She didn’t want the credit for this. Didn’t want Sarah’s full attention on this, but what could she say? What did she want to say? ‘Ingrid, just say something!’


“I, uh, think you look better with your makeup on.”


‘And you went and insulted her. Goooooood job.’


Sarah merely giggled though, taking her hands back, the flowers on the back of them retreating to under her skin as she slipped them behind her back. “I know, but I wanted to make a good impression. With how scary that teacher is, I bet that I wouldn’t have even gotten a chance with it on. Then again, that’s why I like hanging out with people like you more I guess.”


And as Ingrid smiled, her phone no longer having that mystery contact, nothing moved, except for Sarah, and the shadow that had some choice words for her sister.

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