“So, are we going to talk about this?”


Sarah looked up from where she stood in the doorway to her and Asa’s room, her eyes turning to her friend. Or, ‘friend’ at the moment, because right now she was a liability. A voice telling her that what she was doing was wrong. A voice that had to be…


She shut her eyes again, forcing her magic back. It had begun to rise with the training that she’d had as a small girl, but she couldn’t keep to it now. Even if the voice now tempted her towards sin, instead of against it as was warned against for demons, she could not simply crush it. Not when it came from someone she cared about.


So, instead, she merely walked into the room and shut the door, hoping that if she ignored her, she would stop. After all, Sarah would rather just life continue as it was. That she could keep ignoring everything while she focused on only the things she liked.


Only to be met by the voice that had been speaking to her since her first dance lesson saying, ‘And look at where that got Ingrid? How long before you aren’t there to stop Haras? Or how long before you take your sister’s job on accident doing that?’


It was compounded as being worse when Asa spoke up right after, cutting through the voice, and Sarah herself. “Lying isn’t like you. Or, I guess, it should be, but it never has been to me, so why is it now? And especially to Dave. I can get to me when I’m lying all the time, but not him.”


‘You even used his magic on him. Accused him of lying after he took you in. What a devilish action.’


Sarah took a long, deep breath in, clearing her mind before letting the last bits of fog win as she snapped back, “And what about your lies? About the fact that you sto-”


“It’s not stolen, and I plan to pay every drop of it back to Kell. I just needed the capitol to do it, and you would have made me cancel to the orders. I have an excuse. I have a good intention. What about you?”


Sarah could feel the anger wafting off of Asa. It was the only reason she was even being as honest as she was. It could also be so easily tampered with by her magic. To force it back upon herself to become anxiety, or depression so that Sarah could end this conversation, and her magic even flared to life in response to it.


But instead that magic broke from her vines and became the sort of blurred, black winds along her body as the room became soundproof, just so she could shout. “Oh? And what about my reasons? About the fact that my intentions are always good, even when I was cursed with this body? Dave called these fat udders of mine gifts, but they’re hell to me! Everyone wants to just stare at them! See them, fuck them, along with every other part of me. Just by existing, I doom people to Hell! Are you happy with that?”


Asa blinked a few times, staring at her friend, before beginning to stand. “No, Sarah. You’re beautiful, and the fact that people want to fuck you is just because we’re perverts. Because we can’t ever stop thinking about sin. Even Dave probably wants to-”








Asa blinked as she slid along the wall, sitting back onto her bed. Her cheek stung from where Sarah had… Sarah had…


She blinked again, raising a hand to her face and wincing at touching herself. All the while she could hear the other girl babbling something out. Trying to say something, before nothing. No noise or anything from Sarah, and for a moment, Asa flinched as she expected another hit. Another strike against the disobedient little bitch who wasn’t doing as she was told. Wasn’t backing down when she was supposed to. Not being…


She blinked as she looked forward. She was alone. Sarah was gone, probably by magic Asa surmised later. In the moment though, it was a reminder.

A reminder of her past. Of the hypocrite she was for telling Sarah she shouldn’t put on an act. Not when, even with the processor she now clutched to her chest, wrapped up in its box, she would go back to being afraid of how the world saw her all over again.

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