Sarah yawned as she stepped out of her room. Last night had been one of the worse that she’d had since she’d come onto the Earth. There was moving in with her cousin, the night when Asa and her screamed about stealing, when the two screamed about standing up for yourself, when they fought about what anime was good…


It was a sobering thought as she glanced back at the room. She had come back a while after Asa had fallen asleep… On the floor… Sarah bit in her lip, turning back towards the door with a sigh. Could she really just be nice to Asa again though? Let this sort of thing keep happening? After all, them getting into so many fights wasn’t necessarily healthy.


“You look like you could use an ear to tug.”


Sarah turned her head away from her room and saw Dave standing in the doorway of Kell’s room. Kell’s room that had been closed off just a second ago… And Dave in only a set of boxers that would have normally made her turn away if it didn’t make her whisper scream, “What are you doing?”


Dave tilted his head before looking down at himself and blushing a bit as he glanced back at the room. “Oh, sorry. I do need to stop in my room to get some pants at least. I at least try to be decent around you after all. Speaking of which, I’m going to get more towels today, so what colo-”


“Why are you coming out of Kell’s room like that?”


Dave blinked a few times, before standing up straight and rolling his shoulders back with a slight groan as he worked out the kinks, and knowing exactly what that might sound like. “What do you think?”


Sarah opened her mouth, only to be caught off by, “And besides the first one, because if I had, you wouldn’t have slept last night.”

Sarah blinked a few more times before whispering back at him, her head steaming at this point as she tried to continue standing up for her friend, “s-some girls are quiet…”


“And you think Kell would be?”


Sarah opened her mouth again, before slowly closing it, and then finally looking down. “D-Do you want waffles or something for while we talk?”


“That sounds wonderful. After the day we all had yesterday, I suspect we all could use a bit of a pick me up. What do you think?”


“Yeah…” Sarah smiled at Dave for a moment, before remembering his current state of dress. Still, with how things had gone yesterday, she wasn’t against the idea of talking to him, though she’d likely need to omit a few details.


Details Dave was all too ready to let her keep to herself. After all, as he explained, they all had their secrets, and they would be shown when they would need to be, or when people felt comfortable about it. “After all, you can live with someone for years and not knowing everything about them. Some people are just like that, and with Asa… If you can genuinely tell me that you think she’s trying to do better, than keep fighting. It’s only when you have no proof to back up that claim that you’re being an idiot whose excusing someone who really ought to get kicked out.”


Sarah was silent at the words for a moment, before glancing up from the second waffle she was making and whispering, “Would you actually kick her out? If you thought she was only bad for everyone?”


Dave nodded at her as he placed a hand on her shoulder. “I help those with potential and even a shred of a desire to fulfill that possibility. Idiots like what Asa could be… They aren’t worth the effort. Okay?”


Sarah looked back at him, smiling a little before she raised a hand and a black rose blossomed on the skin of her palm. Dave’s eyebrow raised as the smell of the waffles and bacon they were cooking grew stronger, before being able to feel it be carried away. “Getting them up are you?”


Sarah smiled back at him as she poured the batter for the next waffle. “Well, if I’m going to give my friends chances, I may as well make them the best chances they can get, and what better way to make sure of that then with waffles?”


Dave smirked back at her before patting the demoness’s head and simply saying, “Good girl,” as he got back to his bacon.

Sorry for the week without an update. There’s been a lot of personal stuff, and training for my job that pays rent, that has been taking up a lot of my time, and right now the comic is in a little bit of a tight spot, as, well, once we hit post 50, I’ll suddenly have three weeks of backlog because I wrote 51-53 MONTHS back so that I would be able to do something special for the milestone, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to organically make that still fit.


And it should, with a bit of editing, and I hope that you do enjoy what’s coming up for the first milestone. Otherwise, have a wonderful day!

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