Dave sat down with a long, heavy sigh before he looked at Kell, who was fidgeting in her seat, but at least for now pretended like everything was okay. Not that he doubted that too much. They were done with everything that had caused her problem. Well, except for him, but he wasn’t acting in anyway that would cause her an issue. That was part of what he liked so much about her. So simple, so nice… It was a good change of pace from those he normally dealt with.


Not that it was entirely new, and so he rubbed the back of his neck before asking. “So, what do you know about sex?”


Kell blinked a few times, before frowning a little bit. “Um… Why do you need to know about that? Kell knows that you know plenty, and she knows plenty, so reall-”


“So nothing.”


Kell opened her mouth, staying quiet for a moment before glancing away. All it got her though was a laugh.


A laugh Dave had figured out worked a lot better then just a soft smile, or sincere understanding. After all, in their modern culture, ignoring sex was a lot harder than having it, at least for someone as pretty as Kell. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It just means that you have a bit to learn. Like the fact that you do still feel that stuff, and it’s not surprising that you feel it more than a lot of people. After all, you’re a… Child almost.”


Kell frowned at that, before getting onto the couch, crouching on it and narrowing her eyes at him. “Kell isn’t a child!”


Dave raised an eyebrow as he merely folded his arms. Any minute now, she would look at herself, look at him, and say-


“You’re acting like Asa does when she thinks she’s being clever. How does Kell’s statement do that?”


Dave blinked for a moment before raising his hand and pinching the bridge of his nose. “Okay. I walked into that one.” He then let go of it with a long sigh. “Kell, what happened today wasn’t okay. You know that just as well as me, right?”


“No!” Kell pounded her fists into the couch, before she tucked her lips in and glance down. “Well, Kell means…” She then leaned back, sitting on the couch as she sighed. “Kell didn’t mean to lose control. Was that sex?”


Dave shook his head before smiling at her. “No. Or, not really. That was sexuality, and, well,” he said as he raised one arm and flexed it so she could take in his rippling muscles, “you like strength. It’s something that has defined you for a long time, so I’m not surprised you get your rocks off on it too.”


“Rocks off?”


Dave blinked for a moment before rolling his eyes. “You get excited by it. Horny. You start wanting to get laid. It’s something normal for anyone, but you’ve probably never experienced it. At least, not as much as you have recently, have you?”


Kell glanced down, before shaking her head. She just wanted to know what this was, but it was sounding so weird now, and she just wanted an answer. An answer for why she wanted to attack Dave of all people right now? But, like, not even to hurt him, but something… Else.


Dave’s hand broke her thoughts though, and she looked up as he said, “Come on. I’ve got a couple ideas as to how to help you, but for tonight, let’s try something simple. Besides, we both could use some sleep.”


Kell gasped at that, before raising her hands in front of her. “Are you going to be my teddy bear?”


Dave smirked for a moment before rubbing her head. “Yeah. After all, I’m not about to take advantage of you, but having me there beside you could really help you figure out the questions you might have, okay?”


Kell nodded, before bouncing towards the stairs. “I’m gonna have a sleepover!”


And Dave merely shook his head before following her. He only wished that this didn’t mean sacrificing his sleep, but sometimes that’s just what you had to do for a lesson, especially to do it the right way. The way that didn’t take advantage of the pain, but more accurately addressed it.

At least that’s what he hoped, as even now he was always learning that he needed to learn new ways to help his charges, and this was just his newest experiment.

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