Deals With Devils

“So, what exactly did I do by making a deal with your grandpa?”


Sarah blinked a couple times at the question, staring at the book she had been reading, before slowly turning to Kell, who was hanging upside down by her tail from the banister of the stairs. Under normal circumstances, Sarah might have asked Kell why she was hanging like that, if not just to get her light hearted response, but that wasn’t the weirdest thing to her. No, that honor belonged to exactly what that question meant for her as she rubbed her chin. “Well, you see, the contracting process is very complicated. It deals with souls, quantum mechanics, um… Multi-model reflection sorting?”


The two of them stared at each other as drops of sweat started to appear on Sarah’s face, before Kell finally said, “So you don’t know, do you?”


“Not a clue.”


Kell let herself drop, crashing to the ground and yelping as she found herself on Asa’s shoes, which she promptly threw across the room for surprising her. With that little transgression dealt with, she crawled over to the table and peered over the top of it to stare at Sarah. “Can you call your grandpa so I can find out?”


Sarah chuckled a little before reaching over and patting Kell’s head. “Sorry, but you don’t call the Devil. The devil calls you. Or, at least, with requests. I would say I can call him to let him know how I’m doing, but he usually keeps a pretty close eye on me and my sister.”


Kell’s eyes widened a little as Sarah’s own eyes widened and the demoness covered her mouth. It was too late though, as Kell leapt onto the table, beaming at Sarah as she asked, “Can I meet her?”


Sarah fidgeted for a moment, biting into her lip as she glanced at her cellphone. It was, to most people, rather antique actually. A simple Nokia flip phone. In reality, her grandpa liked it for the fact that it was almost indestructible, and a demon could use it for a lot of things… Which included calling other demons with its special Sim card. That didn’t mean it had to be though… “Well, she’s probably busy, and we could just look up some stories or something. That should give us some info, right?”


Kell frowned a little at the response, before moving so she could sit on the edge of the table, swinging her legs over it as she nodded. “Okay. Does that mean going to the libra-”


“Alright, what have you been doing enough to get Gramps to blow my phone up saying that I needed to come here?”


Sarah jumped a little at being caught in the same time bubble she had last time her sister had arrived in, and indeed, there she was again. The tall demoness had her arms crossed as her lightning bolt tattoos, her own show of using magic, sparked and arced across her body. “Oh. Haras, how are yo-”


“I asked my question, now spill it!”


Sarah jumped a little more at that, before biting into her lip. Her sister could be mean and a bit to the point, but she wasn’t like this even when they were actually in conflict with the other back at the dance studio. There she had been willing to at least tease her, but now she just seemed annoyed, angry, and that was dangerous. “Whoa, Haras, calm down. What’s wrong?”


The other demoness only seemed to get more annoyed at getting called out for her disposition, before she shut her eyes and the lightning over her body began to slow. It then began to form into shapes, like those of humans burning, others that were kept in cages, and fists rising up for a moment. “Grandfather has been pushing me pretty hard as an agent over here, and I’ve been doing my best to keep up with it. It’s nothing that should concern you.”


Sarah frowned for a moment, before sitting back down. “Well, that might explain it then. I accidentally just told Kell that you existed, and seeing as I haven’t even heard from the Fallen about what has been going on with you, he’s probably trying to keep your activities quiet. You’re probably just here to wipe her memory or something.”


“Of course you would make more work for m- Wait, you have those stupid, angel cunts spying on me?”


Sarah flinched from the yell, before shaking her head. “N-No! Come on, Haras, you should know me better than that! They… They just like to let me know what’s going on down there, and, well,” she said as she scratched her arm, “you’re important to me. That might even be why I let it slip with Kell about you.”


Haras opened her mouth, a crackle of lightning around her mouth indicative of her getting ready to shout forming, before… nothing. Haras let her mouth hang, before slowly closing it. “Damned little angel, aren’t you?” She then let out a sigh as she put a hand on her temple, the other one reaching out for Kell’s head. “What even made you bring me up?”


Sarah blushed a little at the question, before glancing away. “Well, I found out yesterday that Kell made a deal with grandpa, and she was wondering if I knew anything about that stuff. I thought you might since, well, grandpa likes you.”


Haras stopped for a second, just as her magic found Kell’s memories of her being mentioned. A quick sift confirmed the claim, and she smiled a little to herself. “Well, if you want an example,” as she pulled her hand away from Kell, “we can make a lesser one now.”


Sarah’s eyes widened at the words, before she stood up and shouted, “But only devils can make deals!”


Haras shook her head, words appearing in her palm as she smiled at Sarah. “No, not quite. However, if you want to know more,” the contract appearing in her hand as a single page, “but if you want more, you’ll need to consent to me scrubbing Kell’s mind of my existence.”


Sarah looked at the deal for a few moments, before shaking her head. “I know enough to know that they’re dangerous to make, even if the wager is small.”


And with that, the contract faded away and Haras frowned a little, before shaking her head. “Man, you could have at least read it. Then you would have known the big difference. After all, demons can make deals. They make deals all the time. Devils are the only ones who can bargain for one’s soul though, or those empowered by them, and theirs are the only ones who power them and hell, because only they stay in effect even after the terms have been fulfilled. That’s a detail that’s fairly insignificant though, as usually the deals are too specific to be used more than once.”


Sarah blinked at the words, before opening her mouth, blinking, and seeing that Haras was gone before she could even properly respond. All that was left was Kell blinking a few times before asking, “What were we talking about?”


Sarah looked at her friend for a second, before asking, “You remember your deal right?”


“Yeah? Did you remember something?”


Sarah smiled a little, picking up her cellphone and messaging Haras with, Thank you, and if you ever need a chance to relax, I wouldn’t be against you knowing my friends. Just don’t try to corrupt them or anything, please. Not worse than I do.


A message that intrigued Haras, especially with that last line as she sat on the top of the house, already getting angry texts from her grandpa that she was deciding to just ignore, at least for the moment.

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