Dave Ogsen: Street Fighter

Dave threw one of his arms across his chest, breathing in deeply as he  stretched himself out. He was stiff, but the stress of dealing with three, beautiful temptresses would do that to a chaste man. He didn’t dare think of them though. Not when they already consumed so much of his nights. No, that part of his manly, manly self was not needed for here.


Instead, he needed his strength. His big, big muscles that rippled under his tight, white shirt as he looked to his opponent. Another hulking mass of muscle stands there. He isn’t preparing though. He thinks he has already won, despite Dave being the undefeated champion. No, this upstart thinks one good punch and this old man will go down. Too bad he doesn’t know that age has only made him stronger!


The ring of the bell tells them to begin, and it starts brutally. A left hook from Dave swings into the air, before the other man jabs in quick, slamming a fist into his ribs. The next punch finds air though as Dave steps back, jabbing himself, but it only makes space between them. A warning, but the young boy doesn’t see that. He sees it as the old man being slow.


He charges, his weight throwing itself towards Dave, and Dave merely sidesteps him, before bringing another hook around into the man’s back. He holds back, only pushing the man harder and off balance to make him fall to his face. Dave says something cool like, uh, “Watch your step, kid,” before putting his hands back up, keeping himself loose as the other boy roars with rage.


He charges back at Dave, throwing punches every which way he can, but this is child’s play to Dave. He parries, blocks, and dodges them, the blows finding no purchase on him. The boy doesn’t see this though, just like so many, and he rushes in again. Dave, as smooth as always, just steps to the side.


And finally, he puts his hands onto his right side, keeping a space between them as he gathers his energy, getting ready to show the boy something never seen on this Earth before! A pure show of raw pow-


“Wait, are you trying to say Dave can use a Kamehameha? I didn’t even think you would know what that is?”


Kell blinked a few times, not having expected her story to have been interrupted, especially by such a weird word. “A Kamemaheme? What?”


Sarah tilted her head, having slightly zoned out of the story, but she recognized this and giggled a little. “It’s an anime reference. My s- Uh, my moms used to watch something called an abridged version of it when I was in High School. In fact, I should probably check what episode they’re on. They’re probably into Buu by now…”


Kell tilted her head this time, becoming thoroughly confused by now as she asked, “What’s anime?”


Asa smirked to herself, before whispering, “Our life.” However, she didn’t see harm in telling Kell just what anime was and turned back to her friend. “It’s what people call Japanese animation, and your story was anime as fuck.”


Kell groaned as she put her head on the table they were all sitting around. “And I thought it was being cool.”


“I don’t know. Making up a story about me being a street fighter is kind of cool.”


Sarah spoke up next, having a delayed response unlike the other two girls, who were already pale, as she said, “And I still stand that Dave is not a secret street fighter. I think he gets his money from…” And finally it hit her that Dave was the one who had spoken, and for him to know what the concept was…


Dave sighed as he put his gym bag down, and then crossed his arms. “Well, seeing as you all have so much time on your hands to speculate something like that, why don’t we put those idle hands to good use? I know at least two of you could use a work out, and Kell, you could probably use the chance to burn some energy.”


Asa’s eyes narrowed. She had time put away for Hearthstone soon, but this could mean… “No…”


Dave nodded. “Yes, you’re all coming to the gym with me, so get some work out clothes, I’ve got plastic bags you can use to carry them, and lets get going.”


Asa, still not enthused about the idea, even as Kell tilted her head, only having heard about this gym place from Asa, who never spoke of it fondly, asked, “And if I say no?”


“Then I hope you don’t miss dinner tonight.”


Asa was silent for a few moments, before grabbing Kell’s hand. “Come on. I don’t have shorts, so I need to see where you’ve hidden yours and if they’ll fit me.”


Dave smirked as they left, before turning to Sarah, who had started to try to sneak out of the room, and then asked, “So, where do you think I get my money from?”

She turned into a puff of smoke as she yelled, “Wait for me girls,” and raced up the stairs after them, leaving Dave to chuckle into his coffee.

The beginning of this was a blast to write, as it’s one of the only times where my habit to go from past tense to present tense in my ‘story’ (whenever I have a story being told by a character in a story) telling make sense, because it’s Kell who’s telling it! And her style is going to be different from mine, so I tried to make sure to give her her own style to some extent, and when/if the other girls do such pieces, I’m hoping to make sure to make sure they have at least their own voices for it.

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