Back Into The Swing Of Things

Asa blinked as she fell back to the floor. She was tired. So tired, but the smell of bacon and waffles had pulled her out of her bed, and she now sat up to look at what she had bumped into, which was was Kell. It wasn’t really surprising, though the stupid girl usually got up before her. Then again, she never knew when Kell would decide it was a good time for a nap, sleep, or if she would suddenly want to stay awake for three days straight. It was one of the many things she’d had to get used to-

“Ow!” Asa pulled back her legs just as Kell leapt off of it, with the other girl having bitten her! “Hey, I know you’re hungry, but I’m not food!”


Kell blinked for a moment, crouched low on her hands and knees as she blinked rapidly, waking up from her own stupor before giving Asa a large smile. “Sorry. Kell is just distracted after having slept with Dave last night.”


Asa’s eyes widened, before she opened her mouth, an inaudible gurgle coming out before Kell jumped up again. “Oh, but not in that way, whatever that way means. It’s just what Dave told Kell to say when people acted in shock. No, instead he was just nice and held me against his big, brawny chest…”


Asa sighed, rolling her eyes as she began to message her leg. “Oh, wonderful. That’s so much better than what I was thinking.”


Kell bounced down, beaming at Asa as she said, “Of course it is! You were thinking something bad after all, weren’t you?”


“Oh, and what makes you say that?”


“Well,” Kell said as she scratched at one of her cheeks, “isn’t that what you always do?”


Kell opened her mouth before… Before her own cheek hurt for a moment. Before she remembered why her back was so stiff. It made her shut up, before she then glanced away. “Even you can tell that, can’t you?”


Kell leaned against Asa for a moment, whining out, “Oh, don’t be like that. Kell doesn’t like it when you’re like that. She likes it more when you’re like when we first met!”


Asa smiled for a moment at the comment before biting her lip. Even then she hadn’t told Kell much, but… But Kell did have a point. Everyone seemed to be making points nowadays. Well, it was time she made something good from them, and the image of their old apartment flashed in her mind as she nodded to herself.


“Say, Kell, why don’t we tell them finally?”


“Tell them what?”


“How you and I met? After all, it’s not like you and I are the most normal couple in the world.”


“But you’ve said-”

“I know what I’ve said, but… At least Sarah deserves to know, and if we’re going to keep staying with Dave… Well, he can know too, okay?”


“Yay!” Kell leapt off of Asa, shovng her to the ground as the oddball leapt towards the stairs. “Guys, guys! It’s storytime!”


And Asa merely laid back, groaning as she realized she couldn’t take it back now. She’d committed and…


And that was maybe okay as her head went back that little processor that was waiting for her. Not that she could focus too much on that. Not when she wanted to get her side of the story in before Kell made her look like a complete sap.

So I figured out last week, after the post went up, that I had mislabeled one of my posts, so this is 50! And in celebration, expect some actual answers about some of the characters and the world, and posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for next week’s posts! I hope you’ll all like them, and I’ll see you then!

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