Back At Home

Dave sighed as he saw a small package in front of his house. It was one of Asa’s many packages; he could tell just from how her eyes widened at seeing the small box. So many of them were small, with this one being one of the smallest. His mind buzzed with the questions that they always brought up, especially with a name like Ryzen on the side, but now wasn’t the time. Not with everything else in his mind from the day.


Still, it was useful. After a car ride with Asa and Sarah staying silent, and a day of Kell’s odd behavior, he needed to talk to them. Needed to get some things settled down. At least… He would have liked to. It was easier with his other parishes though. Workers got along and confided in each other. Youth groups usually came with friends, and thus those who would tell him about their friend’s issues when they were getting scared.


These girls though… They only had each other, and it sometimes felt like that they still only saw it that way. From the fact that Sarah had disappeared for the most part during the day, to Asa’s refusal to show weakness, to even Kell’s obvious madness, they were all things that he wished they had been willing to tell him. Not that he had ever been completely forthcoming with them either.


Yeah… Yeah, he wouldn’t say everything, but, as he raised the box for them to see, he could at least be honest about his time. “Asa, you get this after I’ve talked to all of you, got it. Doesn’t have to be tonight, or tomorrow, but you don’t get this until we all talk.”


Asa’s eyes, already fairly narrow, came close to closing as she growled. “That’s mine! I paid it with my money, and you can’t keep it away from me!”


Dave met her eyes, his own gaze just as cold as he said, “I’ve been meaning to ask, but what money?”


Asa paled as she immediately stepped back, her eyes glancing back at Kell. Kell herself, after everything today, looked down, her own shame forcing her to back down, especially when she wasn’t used to lying about such things. Even Sarah looked concerned at the question as he posed it, but she was also the one to respond. “I doubt any of us would mind a chance to talk, so why don’t we do it tonight? It’s not like any of us need to be bribed for a chat, right?”


Kell smiled a little, nodding as she stepped away from Asa. The smaller teen though glared at Sarah for a moment, before hissing out, “No. I doubt we would.”


And Dave sighed internally, as he had no idea what was going on between them. Then again, that was exactly why he needed to do something about it. “Okay. Everyone in then.”


They all shuffled in, none of them moving quickly while Dave grabbed a chair for him to sit on. He put it in front of the couch before sitting down, staring at the three girls as they sat on the couch. At least they understood what he wanted, and for a solid minute he let things hang as he pretended to collect his thoughts.


No, he instead was preparing himself for something he hadn’t been certain before today, and for a moment saw a little girl sitting in the middle of the couch, right where Asa was now, before he blinked again, and the girl was gone. “Ask me what you want. I can’t say everything. There are parts of me that need more time before that, but I feel like we haven’t been properly working together. We all live here, but you three are still so separate from me, and I want that to stop. I want us to be able to confide in each other.”


The girls were silent as they looked up at him, with Sarah wondering for a second if he had empathic magic that she hadn’t sensed. After all, she knew she should tell him about her problem, but…


Asa was silent. She wouldn’t be the first to talk. She had the most questions, sure, but now that she was actually challenged to ask them, just like last time, she couldn’t. It was too… Easy. It wasn’t how life worked. It never had been.


And Kell… Kell didn’t know. Her mind screamed to ask something after everything today, but she didn’t know what it might be. She couldn’t put it to words. It was just a feeling. A need. A hunger…


And then she blinked, smiling as she looked at Dave. “What’s your favorite food?”


Dave smirked a little before rubbing his chin. “Well, if I’m honest, I know this great place right by the seaside that has a fish and chips that is to die for.”


Kell gasped, leaning forward more. “Oh, can we go? Can we go please?”


Dave grinned as he leaned back. “I don’t know. You girls don’t even have proper workout attire. I doubt you have the swimsuits they require.”


Asa spoke up next, barking out, “Bullshit. You just want to see Sarah and Kell in bikinis.”


Dave snapped back, falling into his normal flow as he said, “Nah, I’d want to see you with water wings first. I’m serious though, and the old gal who runs the place only implemented it because I brought too many of my boys down there, and she wanted a better look at us all.”


Kell rolled her eyes, her cheeks burning a little from the fact that she likely would need water wings, but Sarah picked up the conversation again saying, “I don’t think I’d want to go then.”


“How come?”

The demoness paused as she glanced down at Asa, whose eyes were screwed tight to her. She pretended not to see it though as she waved a hand in front of her face. “Well, I mean, you’ve already done so much for us. I wouldn’t want to take advantage of more of your kindness until we can start paying you back.”


Dave held his tongue, reminding himself that he wasn’t here to force their barriers open like some boys he’d had in the past. That was for more one on one stuff, and these girls packed a lot more baggage than he thought would be healthy to burst open. No, he had to play it off as honest, even if her body screamed that it wasn’t. “I don’t know. I’m pretty sure at least Kell could use one of the bathing suits I have sitting around here. You might be a tad bit too gifted for them though.”


Asa’s eyebrow raised at that. “That implies you have female swimsuits.”


Dave took in a long, slow breath. It wasn’t the hardest thing to admit, and was half a truth, but he’d gotten used to not talking about it. To keep it a side of his life he didn’t discuss, but these girls should know. “Yep. Because I have a daughter.”


The girls were silent, before Kell was the one to break it by finally voicing the need she had as she murmured out loud, “Will you mate with me then?”


Everyone’s eyes turned to Kell with that, before Dave finally said, “Alright. Asa, take your package. I need to talk to Kell. And no, I’m not going to fuck her, I just need to… “


Asa grabbed the box before rushing out of the room. “Nope! I don’t want a part of this. Just be careful.”


Sarah on the other hand did stare at Dave, her eyes narrowing as black thorns and vines came up her cheeks, and her eyes bloomed with red roses. With everything going on in her mind, she had to check. Had to see if Asa was right to just leave, or just trying to hope that Dave taking advantage of Kell was going to let this all blow… over…


The flowers wilted in her eyes as Dave turned to her, and Kell leapt over to Sarah, grabbing the girl’s face as she blinked. Dave merely smiled, having felt the invasion into his emotions. Into him, but he doubted from the brief poke she got much. Just enough for her to get a taste of his humanity, or so he hoped. “Why don’t you head to bed Sarah? Today hasn’t seemed all that kind to you.”


Sarah looked at him, blinking as she bit into her lip. She hadn’t seen a trace of the lust she had expected. No, she’d only felt a deep hollowness past the kindness that had so quickly reached out to embrace her magic, and it was almost unsettling. It made sitting there, especially with what Dave may need to talk to Kell about soon, all the more uncomfortable. “Um, yeah, I’ll, uh, go then. Kell, you stay here and talk with him. He’s not going to hurt you, I promise.”


Kell nodded, smiling at her friend before turning to Dave, her eyes slowly widening as her head tilted. Her pupils dilated, and she could feel her chest shrink against her skin as her body got ready to pounce.


Dave raised an eyebrow at the look and simply said, “You’ll get a syrupy sandwich tomorrow morning if you manage not to attack me tonight.”


To which Kell fell over at, her mind switching gears without the clutch, not knowing which one she wanted more in the moment.


Author’s Note: Don’t worry. Asa will be expanding this conversation soon, especially things like him having a daughter, so you will get more answers in a few posts. This would have been somewhere around 3k words though most likely had I covered everything, especially with everyone, in this one.

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