Asa’s Side of the Story

Asa stood in the middle of her room, looking around herself as she slowly, carefully zipped up her suitcase. It was the same, small green one that she’d had with her since Sarah and Kell had known her, and why wouldn’t it? It was all that she owned. All she could take with her.


Inside were a few changes of clothes, her webcam, a microphone, her laptop, and most of the other essentials she needed. Hygiene and shit like that. At least, everything she could get ahold of without getting caught while gathering it. She didn’t want anyone to know about this. No one could after all, as she’d just get dragged back like every other time she’d tried something like this.


“This sounds a lot like Kell’s home…”


Asa was silent in her story telling, before smiling a little.


She knew she had it well off here. A good allowance, the ability to play her games for at least a few hours a day, but… She hated it. She hated it under her parents. They were always watching, always directing. There were even days when she couldn’t play the games she wanted to because they were too mature, or too violent.


“How could they control what games you played?”


“Please, Sarah, I… haven’t talked about this stuff before for a reason.”


Tonight though, that ended, and so she walked out of her room, moving silently with her suitcase as she made her way out. She knew where anyone would be if they were awake, and none of them would be in her way. She just needed to get out. Needed to get to the front door.


And it was standing in the doorway, looking out into the darkness, that she froze. It was her last chance. Her last step to freedom, but to nothing as well. To a world that likely wouldn’t notice if she just vanished one day because of some gang banger or something like that. She could die and no one would moarn her.


“The thing that pushed me out that night was the fact that with my family, if I died, they’d moarn for all the wrong reasons.”


She had needed to run after that, spending the night dragging that little suitcase behind her as she looked for something. Anything. Even a cardboard box to offer her shelter would have been better than the lack of a plan she’d had. She didn’t know the town though. Didn’t know where to go. Where it would be safe.


As it got later though, she began to trudge, moving slower and slower, and she knew she would need something to keep going before she collapsed. She didn’t even care about how it tasted at that point. So long as it would wake her up.


That’s when she ended up at a Mcdonalds.


They were closing up, but Asa begged just for a coffee, or something, and they ended up giving her more than that. They had dregs of coffee after all left from late night customers, and even a few sandwiches they’d made for a customer who then disappeared. It did help of course that she did know how to give a pretty smile when she really needed to, but it was possible that the guy there could see the fear in her eyes.


“And… I guess that’s why, when sitting outside of the place, I didn’t scream when Kell showed up. I had turned at the right moment for her to be reaching for my bag while her tail flicked in the air, ready to attack me if she needed to. I could only see the fear she shared and… Well, we’ve been together since.”


“Kell wasn’t-“


“Kell, why don’t you simply tell us your side of the story. Why were you there?”


“…Okay, Dave.”

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