As They Wait

Dave grumbled as he finally got his tie on right, looking at himself in the mirror. He was stuck in a classic, Italian suit, given to him… He actually didn’t remember how long ago. Back then though, it had been fitted exactly for him. Now though… Now it was tight, itchy, and a pain to try to do anything in, but he didn’t want to disrespect Charles. Not when he sounded like a nice enough kid.


Sarah leaned in, smiling at him a little as she gave him a small wave before she walked in. She was in a long, white sundress that contrasted with her red skin, but it did bring memories back for the old man as she nervously walked closer. “So… I’ve never actually met any monster girls. We demons deal more with, well… Humans, so I wanted to know if you had any tips.”


Dave rubbed his chin before shaking his head. “Nope. I worked on building their preserve, sure, and had to deal with some of their legal team, but these two are apparently dragons, nothing like the top hat conjuring vampire I have talked to. Doesn’t help that no monster has left Sarafune yet.”


“Oh…” Sarah rubbed her arm as she looked around the garage, where Dave apparently kept his suit because it just clogged up space in his closet. Like most things that were more formal with Dave, it made Asa lose it as to what it could mean, but for Sarah… well, she was curious too, but not in a malicious way as she asked, “How many times have you worn that?”


“I think maybe half a dozen times. George likes to call it my Thor Buster Armor, at least before he got sick and tired of people correcting him. Poor man has never been great with his comic book references, but he’s right about how rarely I use it. In fact, the last time I did…” Dave leaned back, smiling a little to himself.


Sarah felt a rush of what she would almost call euphoria come off of him and she smiled as she leaned in. “Please tell me this is a story I can hear.”


Dave looked down, grinning for a moment before brushing himself off. “It was maybe three years ago. A friend of a friend was just graduating high school, but the poor girl had still never been on a date. In fact, she was afraid that she’d never even talked to a boy at that point.”


“So, she asked me to take her out. To treat her to a night of dancing, dinner, and make sure she had a good time. I was more than happy to, as that’s kind of my specialty, but this girl… Well, old guys like me normally would give up our kidneys for a chance to date her.”


“She was shy, her long, black hair covering one of her blue eyes, and despite wearing a dress, she wore a heavy, white hoodie to cover the fact that, well, she was gifted in much the same way you are. Not that I focused on that with how cute she was, constantly fussing with herself, or trying to say the right thing to me.”


“She was polite, probably to a fault, but there was a joy in those eyes. A way of looking at the world that wanted everyone to get along, and while we did have dinner together, we spent most of the night in a way she was far more used to. I sat, letting her draw what inspired her from different places I took her. Places she had never considered going, until we finished on top of the skyscraper me and the boys were building at the time.”


“Supposedly, the paintings she made that day helped her start the little studio she runs in the city. Past that… I regret not keeping in touch with her, but if she needed my help, she knows I’d be willing to at least see what I could do for her.”


Sarah smiled, leaning back herself against one of the shelves in the garage. It sounded… Nice. Like the sort of date she might have liked, though she’d probably ask Dave to not wear the suit. He just looked wrong at this point in it.


Before she could voice that thought though, the doorbell rang, bringing both of theirs attentions back to what they had been waiting for, and Dave walked off to greet their guests, still smiling about his memories with Alice.

Yeah, I took the set of people from a friend of mine, and neither one of us meant to have all of the non JT characters show up first. This one is from a sort of Sci-Fi dystopia? novella of mine: Inspiration ID.

Alice: Wears a large, heavy, white jacket over a blue, button up shirt, and a long, yellow skirt. She has long, straight, black hair that commonly covers one, blue eye, F cup breasts, and is a shy girl with a knack for drawing.

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