An Open Window

“Don’t do it man.”


“I know we’ve been getting away with it more since Dave left, but he is right there, and he’ll kill you if you do it.”


The person in question sweated at his fellows’s warnings, and they were accurate. His lips were already pursed though, and, well… Man it was tempting. The girl he was staring at probably wouldn’t even notice. Then again, that only made it worse for what Dave would do to him if he found out he was leering, not that he was the only one.


Then again, these guys were at a disadvantage as it was, as the subject of their gaze was none other than Sarah. In one of her modest dresses, they may have stood a chance, but she was in her leotard, practicing her moves like she was supposed to. This also meant they could all see how… flexible she was.


The guy in the middle swallowed hard as Sarah threw up one of her legs, holding it up with only two of her fingers. It was so long, so inviting, and poured down into her lean thighs that, even from here, he could tell didn’t even quiver at keeping her balance like this. No, she was at peace while in the pose.


Next came another spin. Those breasts of hers didn’t often move, not while pressed into her chest like this, but for these, he could swear she used their weight to help her spin faster, but he could just imagine getting knocked out by them. How was a guy supposed to simply ignore that!?


He pursed his lips again, shaking as sweat ran down like rivers down his face. He… He couldn’t. He would die. He would absolutely die.


And then Sarah bent over, presenting that ass to all of them in the window like a framed picture.




When the offender looked down, unable to control himself, he saw he was alone. When he looked behind him, Dave was already there, staring him down. “S-sir, I promise that I-”


“I’m going to go get a beer. I expect this trench done before I get back.”


Everyone yelled “Yes sir!”, expecting only three minutes to get the rest of the ground work done, but were saved by Asa’s distraction so that no one would remember their catcalling or leering.


At least, no one other than the girl who gripped her arm as she righted herself, tears slowly coming down her face as she tried to get back to her next movement.

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