A Secular Break

“I didn’t think the post office delivered on Sundays.”


The young man swallowed hard as he gave Asa a nervous smile. He was obviously not supposed to be there, but his words soon dismissed her worries. “Ingrid would roast me on a spit if I slowed down packages for you or your family for such a silly reason, so I’m just hoping my boss doesn’t notice, okay?”


Asa shrugged, just happy to have the large box in her hands. It was the first piece that she needed. The first piece to returning to the work that she enjoyed. It was only a shame that it was one of the least important pieces, and that it would take far longer than she would have liked for her to get truly setup for her old feelings of success.


But she had step one, and that was what mattered. She just now needed to retreat to her room before-


“Do you think Dave is a spy on Sundays? Because if so, I bet Kell could play hide and seek with him, and he might actually find me.”


Asa sighed internally as she turned to Kell, who was clinging to the ceiling above her. She looked bored, like on most Sundays since they moved in with Dave, and now Sarah wasn’t here to distract her. It was up to Asa to entertain her, and that wasn’t something she wanted to do right now. Not when she had practice of her own to get to.


Kell dropped to the floor, landing on her hands and feet like a cat before then standing up and scratching at the box with a nail. “What’s in this? Is it one of the things you ordered?”


Asa let out an audible sigh this time as she nodded. “Yes, Kell. It’s a computer case for the rest of the components I bought, and I don’t want you messing with it too much. It’s durable, but not that durable.”


Kell nodded, before putting her chin on her hands and flattening onto the ground. “Does that mean you’ll be busy playing with it today?”


Asa glanced at the box as she bit her cheek. Kell did just give her an out, but… No. That wouldn’t be in the spirit of the promise she’d made to Sarah, nor would Kell deserve it when it was only because of her getting shot that she could afford the case and what else she was going to buy.


Still, her favorite games were out, as they were all single player. Not only that, but she’d long ago gotten tired of trying to play games like hide and seek with a practical super soldier. No, she would need a better plan than that.


And she had the perfect game that she’d got recently, so she looked down at Kell and asked, “Do you want to go to Canada while beating up zombies?”


Kell’s eyes widened for a moment, and she opened her mouth to speak, only to be cut off by Asa stating, “And no, they’re aren’t actual zombies, you can’t eat them, and we’re not going to Canada.”


Kell slumped down at the news at first, before Asa also added, “But if we get lucky, I can get you a giant sword in game to pretend to beat up zombies with.”


And that was something that Kell couldn’t pass up the chance for.

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