A Room To Yourself

Dave opened up the front door to the house with the three girls behind him. He felt a little nostalgic as he watched the three walked in. Asa looked like she was about ready to run away at any second, while Sarah looked like a little child being let into a candy store. Kell though kept herself small, with her hair changing to blue and all the way down to the small of her back as she crossed into the little entryway that was there.


Dave then walked in himself, smiling a little as he looked around. It was the same place it had been for over twenty years now. Right in front of him was a staircase leading up to the bedrooms, to the right was a dining room with a large bookcase, a large dresser that had been opted into a stand at the back wall, and a square table in the middle to tie it all together. To his left was the living room, with a small couch, two recliners for when he had company, and a television that was set into a large, wooden cabinet, and he smiled as he thought about whether he would need to close the cabinet up so these three weren’t always just staring at it all the time.


Then again, he liked relaxing with a good comedy at night, so he couldn’t really complain too much if they liked their television too.


Asa put a hand on the wooden banister leading up to the second floor. “You really like wooden furniture, don’t you? We’re lucky that you don’t have a park bench for a couch I bet.”


Dave merely shook his head, not bothering to respond to her. Of course, if he had, he might have had to admit how annoying it was when he’d had no soft cushions to sit on in his house because all of the furniture had been made of wood.


Instead, he led them up, keeping quiet as he took it step by step. He wasn’t too much in the mood for talking right now, even with the three girls chattering behind him. He just wanted to get this done so he could head out and get what he needed to done.


He wasn’t about to just let them choose their bedrooms though. No, he was deciding that, and, after showing them the bathroom that was at the top of the stairs, turned to his left. There were two doors on this side of the small hallway; one directly in front of him, another to his left. He tapped first on the one directly in front of him, before stating in as even of a tone as he could manage, “This door is already locked, and is private for me. You shouldn’t ever have a reason to go in it, got it?”


Asa opened her mouth, before his eyes met her and she, much like the other two, merely nodded, though with a touch more panic in her movements. Once Dave was satisfied, he opened up the one to his left and let it swing open. Inside, the room was completely sparse, except for two beds that were set against the far wall from the door, and the wall to the right of it.


Dave let them all walk in before spreading open his hands. “Asa, Sarah, this is your room. It’s a little bigger than the other one, and is already set up for two people. We’ll go and get you some more furniture another time too. Otherwise, what do you think?”


Asa sat down on her bed, patting it a bit, while Sarah jumped onto hers, letting her knees slam into it and bounce her up which, in her current attire, was just a touch immodest of her and Dave looked to the ceiling as he muttered something under his breath.


Asa, after another moment of being quiet, finally nodded to herself. “I guess it works. I’ll probably have to live without any internet though, won’t I?”


Dave chuckled for a moment as he shook his head. “Don’t worry. Some of the nerdier kids in my crew made sure I got that Google Fiber stuff when it became available, though I don’t really use it. Got a nice legacy plan though for unlimited data though, so I haven’t bothered to drop it yet.”


Asa’s eyes shone for a moment, before she just laid back on the bed. “Well then, we better head to IKEA soon. I can’t wait to start str-”


Asa jumped out of her skin as she was suddenly presented with Dave’s face about an inch from her before he hissed out, “We don’t speak that blasphemous name here. When I say furniture, I mean Home Depot and probably hand made.”


Asa, not in the mood to fight, just held her hands up as she hastily said, ‘Yes sir!”


Sarah merely chuckled a little as she watched Dave get up, and before he got more than a step towards the door, she stood up. “Th-Thank you. This means a lot to all of us, I promise, and we promise not to break anything while we’re here.”


Dave paused for a moment, before nodding and grabbing Kell by the shoulder. For a normal person, this grip might have been a bit too tight, or rough, but Kell didn’t notice as they walked to the other end of the hallway.


Here, the situation was the opposite. The door to the right of the two of them was to Dave’s room, so once again off limits, while the one in front of him was the one for guests. Or, more accurately, had a bed in it, but was otherwise a small study for Dave when he had business to do, complete with a small desk against the wall, and a couple pictures on the walls that were framed to the golden days.


And it was all for Kell as he whispered, “This is your room, all to yourself.”


Kell stepped forward, twisting her head around to the corners of the room. She walked slowly, almost as if scared, before turning back to him. “Just… for me? No cameras, no people watching Kell? Or monitoring her?”


Dave shook his head, keeping his head down. “Nope. Just yours to find privacy in. I’ll even probably be moving a lot of my office stuff out to the garage so you can make it feel more personal.”


Kell sat down on the lumpy, old mattress, before lying down and curling up on it, her hair turning to a shining gold as shook her head, and tears began to fall down her cheeks. “No, it’s perfect as it is. Thank you.”


Dave swallowed hard, not managing to choke out any words through his clogged throat. Instead, he merely headed for the stares, letting his own tears fall as he headed to get the girls their locks, and a few more things he knew he might need.


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