A Family

Sarah laid back into her bed with a sigh as she began to consider things. They would need to inform Dave of the normal lie about her, that she was a professional cosplayer, get their stuff from the old apartment, and then the job search would begin. Of course, slowly, as anyone who called her old employer would be told about the face full of fire that a customer received.


On top of that, her dancing there had always been thought of as a temporary thing before she struck it big in the city and got with a real acting company or something like that. Somewhere she could put her father’s abilities to use, while doing good with them instead of just stealing souls. Now though…


She let her hand run along the thin blanket on the bed. They were in California, so it was all she probably needed, but she would be replacing it with her own once they got it back. Yeah, a few tweaks, and it would be just like the past few months. The months when she was managing to actually keep everything together.


The only thing that got her out of her thoughts was the feeling of leather against her face as Asa threw her jacket at her. She wrestled with it a few moments, before pulling it away and staring at the other girl, whose modest chest was wrapped in single strap of cloth as a bra. Asa merely smirked at her, before standing up. “Well, I guess we’re stuck here now, so why don’t you cover yourself up?”


Sarah rubbed the fabric, before giving her friend a small smile back. “You know I’m used to wearing this little, right?”


Asa sat down next to her, the grin not fading for an instant. “And less for your customers, but I think those days are coming to an end, don’t you? I mean, how many big time stars out there normally wear something so… exciting?”


“Well, there was that Lady Gaga woman a few years back that was really popular down in Hell, so…”


The two looked at each other for another moment, both of them smiling at each other, before Sarah sighed. “Do you really think I can make it still?”


Asa nudged her in the ribs before stating, “Hey, I’ll hold an exception about people’s dreams for you. That’s what friends do anyways, right?”


“Besides, Sarah is prettiest girl in the worlds, so she has to be a star!”


The two of them turned to the edge of the bed where Kell was smiling at them, her fangs showing while her bright, blonde hair framed her face. Sarah then looked down at her blanket and tugged a bit of it up so she could hold it to them. “Say, we all got a pretty early start today. How about we curl up and catch up a little?”


“Kell doesn’t need-”


Asa grabbed her friend by the shoulder, before pulling her onto the bed. “Get over here you genetic idiot.”


Kell merely smiled, before Sarah threw the blanket over the three of them.

And we have our first piece of art done for the series by a good friend of mine named Demon Chester! And who of course would it be of then sweet little Kell enjoying a good ol’ syrupy sandwich.



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