A Bad Night

Dave didn’t come home that night. Kell, Sarah, and Asa all knew he’d left to find Kell, and even dropped Sarah off back at home when she’d been found, but now, he was gone. They were left with the house he had built in silence, sitting there. Kell assumed he was going off to not be angry at her. Asa didn’t care, staying silent as she furiously worked at her computer.


For Sarah though, this was the last straw, The words of George had stuck in her mind, and did nothing to ease her own concerns about Dave. Not that she thought he was a bad man, but instead that their presence would be a burden on him. That they being there hurt him, and now that he had vanished and would not answer his phone, she found herself alone in the living room, her magic spreading along her skin.


Normally she would never resort to her magic. In fact, most of the time, there’d have been no point, as demons often gained their powers through practice and their actions, and Sarah’s had left her weak. She was no combatant, nor any sort of charmer, but she had magic very few demons had. In fact, if not for her grandfather, she doubted she would have ever met the few she had known.


Now though, she would put them to use as the shadows in the room grew. The lights turned off, bathing her in only moonlight as she focused, her hand glowing with the energy she required. Fortunately, he was human and delving through the demonic archives like this, using her magic to tie herself to him to learn about his past, should have been a piece of cake.


Or. if she had cast it, as it was at that point that the door swung open, and Dave, his shoulders low, and his eyes half closed, walked in. He looked like a mess to Sarah, and she quickly rushed over to him. “Where have you been?”


Dave paused, looking down at her, before rubbing his eyes. Now that she was closer, Sarah could see the streaks down his face caused by tears, and she stepped back in disbelief. What had they done to cause this?


Dave though looked at her with cold eyes, and, despite the fact that she could smell alcohol on him, he spoke clear. “Kell… Kell is home, right? She shouldn’t run off without letting anyone know where she’s going. She could get hurt. She could get hit playing in the street, or shot by a stranger…”


Sarah opened her mouth to let him know that the second scenario had happened, but decided that a little white lie there wouldn’t hurt, not when he swayed on his feet like he did. Instead, she reached over, grabbing his arm to try to help stabilize him. “She’s home, and I’ll make sure to talk to her in the morning. You should get some sleep.”


“Sleep… I don’t need sleep George, I need…” Dave’s eyes shut for a moment, before he shook his head, holding the side of it as he let his eyes open back up. “No… You’re right. I’m in no state to talk to her now. I… I still want to see her though.”


Sarah stepped towards the stairs to stop him, before her phone dinged. When she checked to see who it was, it was her grandfather of all people, and she couldn’t dare ignore that. Besides, Kell would be happy to see him, right? She bit into her lip as she checked the message, and stopped as she saw the simple message.


It wasn’t some tease about something that had happened, or a terrible joke he’d made up, but instead a simple message. A message stating: “Don’t worry about him. He’ll be fine.”


She looked to the ground, before a small smile slipped onto her face. It was nice to know that she was being watched over… but that didn’t stop what might happen between a drunk Dave and a distraught Kell.


However, when she got up there, looking into Kell’s room only showed the two of them holding each other tight. Kell was silent as she squeezed Dave, and the old man just continued to whisper something over and over again as he swayed Kell back and forth.


Sarah never heard the words, not when she wanted to leave them be, but Kell would try to take them to heart. “Don’t run away like that.” Over and over again. She would make sure not to scare her family like this again.

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